Back to school!

I go back to school today for what is my final full semester to complete my photography degree.  I will have to come back in the fall to take a math class to get my actual piece of paper, but I am allowed to graduate missing the one class.  Today is Business of Photography, a class I am excited about taking.  Heck, I am excited about taking all of the classes: Documentary Photography, History of Photography and Portfolio II.

This semester should not be so hard.  I am not on campus quite as much as I was last semester which will be a good thing.

Yesterday was brutal!  It got down to about seven degrees, the water froze in the building, but luckily it appears there was no damage.  We picked up this heated cable product that you tape to the pipes to prevent them from freezing.  I wish we had known about this product before yesterday.  Oh well. I went out and checked the water this morning and while it is not so cold, the pipes are fine and the cable is toasty warm.

As best I can tell, everyone survived the cold.  I’ll need to go into the rabbits’ nest boxes to be sure there are no dead babies which I will do today.  I did not want to disturb them by fishing around in their boxes yesterday and I spent so much energy just trying to keep everyone in food and water, I just did not do it.  There was a good three inches of ice on the cows’ water tanks.  We dumped the rabbits’ water bowls overnight and I filled them early in the morning, but in less than an hour, they were frozen solid.  They will be frozen solid this morning, but it is supposed to get above freezing today so they’ll defrost.  The problem with leaving the bowls in the cages where there are babies is that the babies walk on the iced-over bowls and eliminate in them which makes for a frozen mess.  Since we have fewer rabbits now, I can just put new bowls in those cages with babies this morning and just top off the bowls in the cages with no babies.

In addition to going in and out to check everyone about a hundred times yesterday and cutting and packing up 16 rabbits, I made Rabbit Mulligatawny soup.  Back when I lived in Springfield, Massachusetts, there was a restaurant called Tilly’s that made the most amazing Mulligatawny soup.  I have not lived in Springfield since the early 1980’s and I have always wanted to make Mulligatawny soup, but have not got around to it until yesterday.

I used a curry made by the Teeny Tiny Spice Company of Vermont.  If you have not checked out this company, do so.  They have amazing spice blends.  I already have their Tolucan Chorizo spice which is wonderful and am going to get their Perfection Spice Rub because I think it will work really well on grilled rabbit.

I’ve already written up the recipe and as soon as I get pictures of the soup (which will probably not photograph too well, soup never does), I’ll add the recipe to the Spellcast Farm web site and post the link.

Luckily it is not so cold out this morning.  I am glad it does not get that cold here too often!

Until later …