Connection to Food

I was wondering this morning as I was mulling over lots of other things if one had to grow their own food in order to have a connection to it.  When Wally and I were going to the farmers’ markets we had regular customers that seemed interested in how we raised the food that they purchased, but does interest equal connection? I do not think so. I think it is more that they are being health and/or environmentally conscious. They want to make sure we are raising our products in a manner that they think or feel is correct. Most do not take the time to actually visit the farm to see for themselves if what the farmer is saying is true or not. They simply buy into the “farm fresh” guaranty that is so prevalent in farmers’ markets today.

***I am definitely not saying that there are not farmers who are doing things right! Of course there are!*** 

Back to connection with food: I feel sure raising, killing, processing and packaging meat; or growing and harvesting vegetables does give the consumer a strong connection to the food.  There was a time when a lot of people grew and raised most of the food that they consumed.

One of my favorite quotes is from Patience Gray in Honey From a Weed: “Good cooking is born out in communities where the supply of food is conditioned by the seasons. Once we lose touch with the spendthrift aspect of nature’s provisions epitomized in the raising of a crop, we are in danger of losing touch with life itself.”

Have we lost touch with life itself? One would think so when shopping in todays supermarkets with all the food in styrofoam trays, boxes, cans, jars, etc.  You about do not have to cook a meal these days with all the prepared food that is available. Do you ever wonder how or where the tomatoes that are in that jar of Ragù were grown? I expect you do not want to know. It’s much better sometimes to not think about those things.

Unfortunately, I think about these things way too much.

I hear people say all the time that it is cheaper these days to buy vegetables, eggs, milk and meat from the supermarket than it is to raise it themselves.  That may very well be true, but do they not question why the food is so cheap? They should.

Photographing in the greenhouse did not go so well today.  Not much of anything went well today.  It was just one of those off days.  I did make some accomplishments with the photographs that I took in the greenhouse in post processing.

Using Lightroom and then Exposure, I made the lighting on this pumpkin much more dramatic than it actually was.


Here is the same image (note the lighting) but I inserted a different background into the image.  It is not perfect, but not so bad either.

This image is of antique scissors.  I edited it both in Lightroom and in Exposure.  I particularly like the arrangement of the scissors.

10923322_755048921229999_577067451121789298_o So maybe the session was not so bad.

Until later …