Out of my comfort zone …

I came home from school in a foul mood last night.  I wasn’t sure why, but nothing went right and everything irritated me.  We’ve had a lot of cloudy days and rain which means slippery mud, muddy dogs and the type of cold that goes into your bones and you just cannot warm up from.

Then I got a call out of the blue (actually, I got both an e-mail and a call out of the blue).  The call was initiated by me, but at least it was returned which is more than I can say for the numerous calls and e-mails I’ve sent over the past month.

The call was from a farmer who’s wife I was very friendly with.  She died last year of cancer.  I called him out of the blue to see if he was still farming, really not expecting him to call me back, but he did.  We talked for quite a while.  It seems he’s in a bit of a rut and not doing too much farming, but wanting to get back into it and I think my telephone call and request to come out to take photos may have helped to break him out of his rut.  We talked about his wife, cried a bit and agreed to get back in touch in a week or so.  He knows a lot of like-minded farmers that he can hook me up with.

I have to speak to my professor about my final portfolio on Wednesday.  I have been agonizing over it for over a month now.  I could take the safe route and just continue my portfolio of seasonal vegetables. I did very well with it and could do very well with a second portfolio, but that is not what I want to do.

My photography business card says “Specializing in documentary photography with a fine art spin.” While the collection of locally grown, seasonal vegetables that I did last fall could have been considered to some extent “documentary” it really was not. It was food photography.  I like food photography and plan to continue to perfect it.  In fact, I may continue to do a back-up portfolio just in case the one including the farmers fails, which I am afraid it will.

I am still not comfortable photographing people.  I have become a lot better at it, but it’s still hard for me.  It is pushing me out of my comfort zone in many ways beyond my lack of comfort with people.  It is putting me at risk of being “stood up” which happened to me numerous times last semester when I was counting on people to be models to complete projects.  It has happened to me already with this project with people that do not return e-mails or calls.

So, I have several prospects lined up, some local, some further away.  One is a sheep shearer, two have wool sheep and one is a girl I sold a Border Collie to who lives up in the mountains plus the farmer I mentioned above and a few local individuals I’ve worked with in the past. We will see how it goes.

Until later …