Crank Puss

I am still a crank puss.  I can’t help it.  I think I get this way when we have days and days and days of clouds, mud, wet and cold.  Today is not any better.  In fact, school is delayed until 10:00 today due to the potential of ice.

Yesterday was not so banner.  Moon turned milking into a rodeo.  She does that occasionally: she refuses to come in to be milked.  I should just tell her, fine, don’t be milked (and I almost did yesterday). Go ahead and walk around with a full udder all day, but that could potentially reduce her milk production and we cannot afford that.  So, first I tried to use Gel to bring her in.  Nope, if Moon is in a mood, she runs all up over Gel.  In retrospect, I should have gone to get Jack, but given how slippery and dark it was out there, I knew that could be potentially dangerous.  I tried to walk her up myself, but there are too many ways for her to avoid going in to where I milk.

Finally, I got smart and got a lead rope and got close enough to throw it around her neck, made a makeshift halter and lead her in.  Of course she had to leave a pile of soft, smelly cow manure in the milk parlor in protest.  I put a halter on her and tied the lead rope around her neck so that this morning, if she decides to be ugly, I can catch her.

She’s due to come back in heat again and we are going to try to get her impregnated using artificial insemmination.  I am not fond of that, but we will not use hormones and hope for the best.  Badger (our bull) will not be big enough to breed her anytime soon and her heat cycles are difficult to deal with so it is best to get her bred.

Last night, she came in like everything was cool.  Maybe the halter has a calming effect on her.

On my way home from school yesterday, Yoda’s check engine light came on.  Lovely.  Oddly, it came on right at this time last year.  I’m taking him to the mechanic this afternoon to have it checked.  Luckily we have an amazing, trustworthy mechanic!

I made some progress with lining up people to work with for my portfolio and documentary photography semester project. That’s good news.

If I can get through today and tomorrow, the sun is supposed to come out which will be wonderful!

Until later …