On a roll!

I’m getting e-mails out of the blue now from people I’ve known from the past who would be good subjects for this semester’s project.  In fact, I may have two potential images from a farm that Wally and I visited back in November when we picked up our pigs.  I have an open invite to go back and get more pictures there. Alpacas and pigs? Why not? I’ll just bring lots of lens clothes to clean my lens from Alpacas spitting on them!

Why Not Farm-1 Why Not Farm-2

In addition, I got an e-mail this morning from another potential (someone I have not thought of in years!).  I am going to a local farm on Sunday that raises wool sheep (spinning the fiber) and dairy cows.  I am excited now! I have the ability to make beautiful images and farming is my passion so I’ve got all the tools, I just need to get over my fears and do it.

“Passion is in all great searches and is necessary to all creative endeavors.”

~~~~~~~~~ W. Eugene Smith

Moon behaved yesterday.  I am not sure if it mattered or not, but I had a Border Collie breathing fire at the gate (Jack) and that may have been why she behaved.  I took her halter off, so we’ll see how it goes this morning.  Luckily, I do not have the time pressure this morning that I have most mornings.  I have Morris (our UTV Mule) on the trailer hooked to Yoda ready to go to the shop today.  He has not been running well.  I brought Yoda to the mechanic yesterday to find out what the check engine light meant: the same thing it did last year at this time: the catalytic converter.  He also needs his valve covers fixed because they are leaking.  He turned off the check engine light and I am to drive it for 50 miles or so to see if it comes back on, which it probably will and we will need to replace it … again.  Better than a new car payment.

Until later …