Dating is for the birds!

E-w-w-w-w-w! Did not go well.  This is the first “date” I’ve been on in ten years and quite frankly, I can wait another ten years to go on another one.  Oh well, it got me out.  I had to go to Lowes to buy grain moth traps to make sure I don’t end up with moths in my flour.

What particularly irritates me is this man insists he’s a “small time green farmer” and it was my reference to organic farming that caught his attention.  Farmer my foot.  He’s a gym rat.  I don’t do gym rats.  I’m afraid Marcus spoiled me.  Oh well …

It’s gorgeous outside.  As I write this, however, all three Border Collies are curled up at my feet.  I guess in a little bit I’ll go down to where my agility equipment is and move some dirt.  The girl with the Beardie wants to do some agility training as well.  She only has a few pieces of equipment.  I expect her dog is about the same level as Fern so we could train them together.

I pulled Gel from the Huntersville trial.  It was only $20, but it was $20 I didn’t need to spend.  I’ll train over the winter and have him ready to run Open next year and hopefully have Cian and possibly Fern ready to run Pro-Novice.  There’s a trial in GA the first weekend in January which I might enter.  We’ll see.