Saw the sun yesterday. It was a beautiful thing and very uplifting.


Before the sun came out, however, Moon got difficult again.  The fire breathing Border Collie (Jack) was of NO USE. We keep hoping that we will find another dog to take Gel’s place, but I am now resigned to the fact that it is not going to happen.  Jack is a silly dog, he makes us laugh, he’s really no trouble to have here, but he’s close to useless on stock.  Maybe if we were to tie one leg behind his head he’d slow down and take his time working, but for now, he’s useless.

Gel is still not doing well.  I believe he injured his shoulders and the top of his neck in his tangle with Moon on Wednesday.  He’s not a good sick or injured dog, well, is a good sick or injured dog, he slows down and heals. I have that student coming today to interview me on duck egg production and it will be interesting to see how he behaves with company.

After finally catching Moon and putting her halter and lead rope back on her, I brought Penny up to stay with her.  Moon was so rattled by Jack’s attempts to bring her up to be milked that she would not eat until Penny came up and started eating her food. The cost of the extra feed that she will consume and dealing with her while milking Moon is worth it to keep Moon calm and happy.  They were not really separated, just by one line of electric fence, but cows are herd animals and she’s much better behaved with Penny with her.  Penny is due to calf the beginning of March so she’ll be back milking in no time.

No more Border Collies working cows.

Yesterday afternoon was a busy one.  I got out of school at 3:00, Wally went to pick-up Morris, our UTV from repairs done by the dealer.  Yep.  Twice they neglected to put the O-ring in place after changing the oil filter.  The last time that happened, luckily we noticed the oil leaking out and brought it right back.  The mechanic simply installed the O-ring and refilled the oil, over filling it.  The oil then was mixing with the gas causing Morris to run horrible! We did not really realize the extent of his poor performance until we moved here and used him to climb the mountain that is our driveway.

These repairs cost us $250 and we are not happy.  Hopefully he is fixed now and will run as he should.

After Wally got home and unloaded Morris, we headed to the feed mill that we use and got over 1,000 pounds of feed which we brought home and unloaded and did our evening chores. At least the sun was out and it was warmer.


Wally and I are both off Monday.  On Sunday I am going back to the farm with the sheep to take more photos and there’s football games on beginning at 3:00 so we will likely not get a lot done on Sunday.  The plan (which is not written in stone because Wally has been working six day weeks and needs to rest) is to get some work done to the area the cows come out of to prevent Rose from being able to come through the walk-through gate every time we do, make a permanent fence around the duck area to keep Penny from leaning over and bending the electric netting (which is not charged) in an effort to get in there to eat the duck food.  This is one of the reasons why we put her down below, that in addition to getting her milk dried off. Cleaning out the now empty rabbit tractors and putting the material in the raised beds so they will be ready to plant in this summer and finally, preparing some of the beds for planting.  Yep! The upcoming week looks to be much warmer — above average temperatures! Perfect for germinating early spring crops.

sheep in fog curves

Until later …