Trying to adapt

I wish I could kick back and enjoy this unplanned time off.  Here it is 12 Noon and I haven’t done a whole lot, well, I suppose I have … I milked Rain and took care of my equipment and the milk, then took Rain and Esmeralda for their morning walk, moved the sheep and LGDs down into the back pasture, I have a pot of soup going on the stove, made a loaf of wheat and oatmeal raisin bread, vacuumed the front of the house and spot washed the floors … I guess I have been busy.

Regarding soup: I have this marvelous “recipe” for wonderful, gutsy soup.  I start a stock with some meaty chicken or turkey bones, onions, carrots, garlic and celery.  Then I remove the bones and put the pot on my back burner.  Every day I put leftover vegetables such as mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, carrots, turnip, etc., etc. to the pot and every day I bring the entire contents to a full boil, then put it back on the back burner.  I do not refrigerate the soup.  I purposely cook more vegetables for my suppers all week to add to the soup pot.  On the last day, I add chicken or turkey meat, maybe some pasta, beans, etc.  Then, voila, wonderful, wonderful soup.  I’ll freeze it in two quart glass containers and with some freshly made bread, it’s a wonderful meal.  I learned this method many years ago when I traveled to the British Virgin Islands with a friend.  We sailed on a boat that didn’t have refrigeration.  Every day we shopped for a our meals and the leftovers got put into the soup pot and each day it was brought to a boil.  By the end of the week, we had a wonderful pot of soup to enjoy.  I usually only do this around Thanksgiving when I have a turkey carcass to start the stock with, but I figured I’d do it now.  Making soup and casseroles from scratch like this is much less expensive than buying pre-made and of course it’s healthier.

If I can get my act in gear here I plan to go to the Hickory Farmer’s Market to meet a local woman who is selling goat cheese.  She has Saanen goats (another breed I like, well, I think I like all the dairy breeds).  I spoke to her briefly this morning and asked if I could come out one day and watch her make cheese and she agreed.  So, I should go and meet her.  I’d love to find another goat in milk so I can have two goats to milk.  I know I could use the milk, especially once I start to make cheese.

I thought the sheep who had conjunctivitis was better, but he is not.  I’ve given him two more injections of oxytetracycline but I’m afraid he isn’t going to recover.  I’ll let the antibiotic clear from his system and then butcher him.  It’s a shame because he’s a nice working sheep.  I feel terribly guilty about this, but darned, I do check my sheep every day and I didn’t see that he was having eye problems until the day I first noticed he couldn’t see.  I bought the oxytetracycline and administered it as directed, but apparently it was too late.  Having a blind sheep in the mix makes moving them very dicey.  If he gets separated from the flock, it’s hard getting him back.  I know if you have animals it’s only a matter of time before they get sick or die, but it’s never easy.  I think tonight when I bring the sheep up I’ll try to get him into the fenced-in area where the males goats are.  The billy will harass him to begin with, but he should settle down.  Right now he spends most of his time along the fence line near the does.  I wish Esmeralda would hurry up and come in season so I can get her bred and him out.  I have someone lined up to buy him.  Maybe I could trade him for a milking doe.  That’s a thought.

Until I can get the blind sheep separated from the rest of the flock, I can’t easily use my sheep for working.  When the woman was over with the Beardie, I left him in the ElectroNet with a companion sheep.  He went through the ElectroNet.  The three steer goats are working quite well so I could use them.

I guess what it comes down to is that I’m depressed.  One day I had a good paying job that I enjoyed and then I don’t.  I applied for a job this morning working at a Bank in compliance.  Maybe I’ll get an interview.  I’d be willing to bet they got hundreds of resumes in application for this one job.  The only other paralegal position was in litigation.  I sent my resume to a local head hunter in case temporary or contract positions come available.  I expect given how so many law firms have downsized, they will be looking for contract paralegals to fill in as needed.  I hate head hunters though.

Oh, something will come of it.  I should get out and enjoy myself and know that things will eventually work out.  Meanwhile, I am enjoying learning to be frugal.  Like many people, I was living well beyond my means.  It was time I stopped that.  Now, if I could only get myself adopted by the Palin family and have tens of thousands of dollars spent on me for a new wardrobe.

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  1. I haven’t said anything, because from my own experience it doesn’t necessarily help much. But, I got to thinking that at my stage of life I lose friends more permanently :o( and also watching the TED piece I mentioned to you about others reflecting our humanity back to us, I thought I might be able to say something without making to big an arse of myself.

    Back in the early nineties when I walked away from the corporate arena, it wasn’t with any golden parachute. I only had a little savings, and my IRA which on average over the years hasn’t gained much, and I had to wait years before SS helped a little. I’d seen others come and go, but it’s very different when it gets personal :o) I, like you, cut way back, concentrated on my artwork which was my only real talent, and until I could receive SS washed dishes at a restaurant at night. I’ve learned so much more in the years since my corporate career, than all the formal education and experience during my career. All of which might give you an idea why I now write about the scam of our modern society – if only I’d stayed on the ranch … sigh.

    Anyway, it’s obvious you’re much further down the path of more critical thinking and embracing the simple life than I was at your age. My thinking is such should make you better able to cope with the present adversities until things improve for you again, and I hope I’m right. Focusing more on the animals I was responsible for, and trying to take life more as they do, helped me, and you likely realize the contribution in your life.

    Understand this isn’t about me per se, but rather by example trying to provide some focus. You’re a tough one :o) and more open minded and cognizant of the pit falls and opportunities of life than many, and I believe, and hope, you’ll make it through this rough patch emerging with greater richness of soul.

    My best to you and yours,
    (give the dogs a hug for me)
    Lee C

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