Late …

Yesterday was not so great, primarily because of damned Moon.  I don’t know what triggers her craziness, but when it comes on, it’s a PITA to deal with.  Gel suffered badly after his tangle with her. He’s finally starting to show improvement. I’ve been very worried about him.

Last night, I could not even get her milked.  I came in the house in disgust ready to just let her dry off and in the spring, take her to be processed into hamburg.  I lost sleep over it.  I cannot afford to not have at least one cow in milk right now.

So, this morning, I headed out and managed to get her to come up from down below and then herded her into the milk parlor.  She was so full of milk, she was probably glad to be milked.  I came in afterwards and was wiped out.  Wally and I headed out around 8:30 to make a trip to the grocery store and then came back and worked on making it impossible for Moon to avoid coming in to be milked.  It seems, that’s the only way to deal with her.

At the dairy where she came from (and she came to me as an older cow), the cows have no choice.  They have to come in to be milked, they cannot refuse, they cannot kick the person milking them, if they shit while being milked, no big deal, they are cement and it is just washed into the drain.  It’s different here.

We sold Moon’s heifer, Molly Pop because she had Moon’s temperament.  A small farm cannot easily manage animals with difficult, high-strung temperaments.  An animal on a small farm needs to be resilient and adaptable.  Moon is neither.  Nothing really has changed, the only thing that is different is she should be coming into heat in the next day or two.  Not reason enough to be acting the way she is.

Tonight, she came in to be milked (with Wally’s assistance) without issue.  She did not give much milk, but at least we were able to milk her without it becoming a rodeo.  The new configuration seems to be working well.  Hopefully it will continue to work well.

Until later …