Getting excited!

Wally and I had a pretty easy day today.  We did not do anything too terribly strenuous except for cleaning out several rabbit tractors and moving two groups of rabbits into clean tractors.

We have decided to put a portion of the upper cow pasture into vegetables, primarily corn, squash, pumpkins, beans and okra.  There is only one more bed left to be filled with compost and once that is done, we will start to sheet mulch that area in preparation for tilling it.  If all goes well, it will only need to be tilled once.

Everything else will go into the raised beds.  We will likely use the raised beds during the warmer months for tomatoes and cover crops and during the cooler months, for cool weather vegetables like carrots, beets, greens, etc.  Just as soon as it gets warm enough, I’ll start cool weather vegetables both in the greenhouse and in the ground.  I would like to start now, but I think we’ve still got a good bit of cold weather left.  I am excited about having a greenhouse to start vegetables in!


The above picture is of Peach when she was about a month old.  She turned nine months old a week ago! Hard to believe she was once this small.  Before we know it, she’ll be one of the milk cows.

Moon was an angel this morning and gave close to her normal amount of milk.  Maybe she’s over her “thing.”  Good thing because I think she looks better in the pasture than she would in the freezer.

Until later …