Depressing news

I should not watch television.  Between the political ads and the bad news about the economy, it’s incredibly depressing.  I am depressed.  Who wouldn’t be? This country, really the world, is going down the tubes.  I don’t know if it can be fixed.

I haven’t heard a thing from the lawyers I used to work with or the paralegal in my department.  I suppose I shouldn’t have expected to.  My feelings are hurt though.

I did get out and work Cian yesterday which improved my mood.  I used the three steer goats and it went well.  He’s exciting to work.  Later in the day I worked Gel on shedding.  I had the whole flock of sheep out and continued to shed sheep off.  Whenever he either slammed an animal or gripped, I growled at him.  I have to be careful that I don’t dampen his enthusiasm to come in to me; but he has to learn it isn’t a sheep bowling exercise.

Kitty and Rose (mostly Rose) barked a lot last night which disturbed my sleep.  I decided that I was going to find a home for Kitty and keep Rose.  While Kitty is the more friendly dog; Rose is a better guard dog.  I have them separated today as an experiment.  I was told by their breeder that it was better to have two of them and initially I believed that, but now I’m not so sure.  Maybe Kitty has more confidence because of Rose, but I don’t think they are bonding as well with the livestock since they have each other.  As I write this, Rose is curled up with the two dairy does.  Kitty is out with the sheep, sort of, she’s doing more exploring than staying with the sheep.

It’s cold.  I put plastic up on most of my windows.  Especially with the sliding glass door, it makes a difference.  It would be nice to have the heat on, but I can wear several layers of clothes and stay warm.

I really have no where to go, but I should go and take a shower and go out.  I do need to get some iodine to use as an udder wash.  I noticed Rain had a couple of small sores on her udder.  I believe they are chafe marks due to my not milking her out all the way.  I did completely milk her out this morning and unfortunately, the milk got wasted because she was kicking and her foot ended up in the bucket a few times.  While I was milking her I figured out how to keep that from happening: whenever she lifted her foot to kick, I pressed against her throwing her off balance so she would be forced to put the foot down.  I think those sores made it uncomfortable to be milked.  The milk really didn’t get wasted, Kitty and Rose had it for breakfast.