Missed a day …

Shoot!  No real excuse except that I bit off more than I could chew on a project and I got “in the weeds” on it.  It is a presentation due this morning on a photographer that I very much admire, Walker Evans.

I did the research and accumulated a lot of information and images.  During the day yesterday, I took my lap top and went off by myself to put it together.  I started using Premiere because I wanted to make it a multimedia presentation.  As I was working on it, Joe, our instructor came out, saw my iPad (I was using both the lap top and the iPad) and suggested that I use a new program, Adobe Voice.  I agreed.

Adobe Voice is cool and easy to use, but it does not give you as much control as Premiere.  I almost ditched it in frustration and went back to Premiere, but I persevered and it is done.  It is not great, but it shows I put a lot of effort into it.  I believe I will use Adobe Voice again … stay tuned!

You can see the presentation here.

As a further challenge to myself, not only am I going to make it a goal to write in this journal every day, but I am also going to take picture(s) every day and post at least one.

Who wants to keep an eye on me to make sure I am doing this? Is anyone reading this? Does anyone care about my ramblings?

No pictures in this post, but later today there will be! I carry my cameras to and from school every day.  They are heavy, but I am loathe to leave them home for fear of missing something.  I see things that I *should* stop to photograph, but laziness sets in.  Laziness needs to stop! Today!

Until later …

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  1. I read your blog every night when I get home, so I’ll be keeping my eyes on you! :o)

    You go girl! Girl Power! Yeah! You are so inspiring! Looks like things are coming together for you quite nicely.


  2. Nice presentation! I had seen some of Walker Evans work before but with out knowing who’s picture it was. Thanks for sharing.

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