Reality Check

I received a UPS delivery yesterday from my former employer.  I opened it and how exciting: a check for $470!  I thought it was a check for my unused paid time off.  Then I looked at it closer and saw some of it was for overtime.  Weird, I thought and called the HR administrator to ask what it was for.  It was for exactly what I thought, but what I discovered was that I didn’t have another check coming the end of October.  I thought we were paid two weeks in arrears, but that isn’t the case.

I feel pretty stupid about this.  I mean, I should know how I am being paid.  I guess I just assumed I was going to continue to get paid as long as I worked and didn’t think any more about it.

So, I won’t have any money coming in until the middle of November when I’ll receive my severance pay.  I don’t understand how the mechanics of the timing is working on my severance pay and the HR administrator wouldn’t tell me.  I can’t start to collect unemployment until November 17.  I can’t work until after November 17 either.  So what to do?

Even though I was initially upset by the above news, I’ve since come to terms with it.  Now I know exactly where I stand financially.  My rent is paid quite a bit in advance as is my car loans.  The rest of my bills (except utilities, insurance, etc.) will have to wait for now.  I cancelled my long distance and Canada calling and lowered my minutes on my cell phone.  These are really hard times, I’m sure I’m not the only one cutting back.

Esmeralda (the Oberhalsi doe) went into season yesterday and I put her in with Obie to be bred.  Hopefully she’ll take and will have babies in five months.

It’s raining and cold.  I have a fire going in the fireplace and it feels wonderful.  Before it started raining I raided an old wood stack, but I’ve almost burned through it already.  I would often use kerosene heaters for supplemental heating, but kerosene is way to expensive.  A few weeks ago I talked to Wally about spending a few weekends cleaning out the old wood in his pastures across the street and now I have a use for that wood!  Maybe … fireplaces scare me.  Kerosene heaters scare me …

I worked Cian yesterday and this morning on the sheep and he did well.  He’s stopping well for me and is starting to learn his flanks.  I can see I’m going to have a hard time getting him driving without using a long line so that’s next on the hit parade.  No sense in holding off on getting him going on driving.

I truly home I can climb out of this depression soon.  I haven’t been out of the house for three days.