As soon as I got out of school this afternoon, I drove to Lawndale to see if a woman I used to know from my dairy goat days was still around.  She would have made an excellent subject.  Unfortunately, she moved to West Virginia in October.  So I went to Plan B.

The deeper you dig, the more you discover.  It’s like excavating only using human memories and experiences. I did not get any images worth sharing, but I took some and it is a start. The light was not very good while I was out which made me not want to photograph at all.

It is very uncomfortable for me to work with people, never mind photograph them.  I was in a cranky mood some today because of it.  I feel good now and I have more to do tomorrow.

I made headway; I established a rapport.  It’s all good.


I am working through a book called Walking on Alligators.  It is a book of meditations for writers.  Being a writer is really no different from being a photographer.  Today’s entry says that ideas can be “talked away.” Talking too soon is giving away your fire.  Ideas are seldom stolen, but they are often dissipated by too much talking.

There’s been too much talking and not enough doing on my part!

“Be careful how quickly you give away your fire.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Richard Bly

Until later …