da writing muscles!

I have been writing daily now for much of the month of January.  Much of it is belly aching crap … go ahead – agree with me!  It’s okay.  I recognize it.  I am a high strung, sensitive, vocal individual and most times, I fall all over myself.

But yesterday, I believe I wrote a post that meant something.  Meant so much to me that I went ahead and sent out a newsletter with it to our Spellcast Farm newsletter group.  Yes, a newsletter group of a bunch of people that have subscribed to the newsletter who rarely even open the newsletter when it reaches their mailbox.  Yes, I can track that.  I can also track how many people read this page.

If you have been reading this page, you will know that I have a strong interest in heritage (heirloom) things — food and practices.  I care a great deal about food and how it is raised.  That passion shows in what I do.  I believe, for the most part, I care too much.

To me, the day Earl Butz told farmers to “get big or get out” was the day our food system took a nose dive.  Wally and I almost got caught up in that mindset.  We did ramp up some portions of our farm, but it did not work well so we’ve cut back and I firmly believe that was a good decision for all involved.  I believe we I can grow in other ways. I simply need to have faith in myself and keep my nose to the grindstone.

It frustrates me to no end the lack of respect so many people have for food.  A lady told me the other day that “organic” was a racket and that she bought her eggs at Sam’s Club.  I agree with her that conventional “organic” farms are a racket, however, buying her eggs at Sam’s Club is not the ideal option.  Food should not be cheap.  It should be nutritionally dense and satisfying to the consumer and that does not come cheap or easy. If more people consumed real food, they’d be satisfied with less of it.

So, da writing muscles are now primed and maybe I can see some growth.  I’ve reached out to people about a future career, in fact, applied for a job yesterday morning.

Until later …