I am marooned at home again today.  Yoda (my truck) had to go into the shop with the dreaded check engine light on.  We dropped him off Wednesday afternoon.  Spoke to the mechanic yesterday afternoon: it is a cracked exhaust manifold plus his valves are leaking.  He should be done later today.  No truck means no school today.  Such is driving an old model truck.

Yesterday, I started watching permaculture videos again.  I’m torn.  You can watch videos for free at the Regenerative Leadership Institute.  You can also pay for a certificate.  However, I have seen nothing but bad reviews for this course.  One of the instructors is Larry Korn who spent a good deal of time with Masanobu Fukuoka, author of The One Straw Revolution.  I do not need a certificate, it is just an example of the “wanting mind” that I am so prone to. I think I’ll just discipline myself to watch the classes, learn and apply them here.  I guess I’m just anxious to get going on our own little permaculture design.  I did not clean out any rabbit tractors yesterday.  It was cold, windy and overcast all day.  I did not want to be outside any more than I had to.  Hopefully it will be a bit better today.

By the way, a permaculture certificate is very, very expensive and most are taught live over several days.  I cannot be away from the farm for several days at a time. In addition, permaculture is a wonderful idea, but I am not sure it is entirely practical.  It is something to work towards, however.

Until later …