I need to find magic …

I find it very difficult to fit in with the norm.  I’ve thought a great deal about this journal, the comments that are made that I delete, Facebook which is now gone and no one has missed it yet because Facebook fills you with so much unnecessary crap that you do not miss something even if it is gone …

Infrared-1The farm, my photography business and the Border Collies all carry the name “Spellcast.” I am not a witch although I have been accused of it.  I do like to cast spells — so does that make me a witch?  I do not know how to cast spells — yet. Spellcast is all related from the Border Collies, to the Farm, to the photography and story telling.

You just sit back and watch peoples and keep making your comments.  I will make something of this mess and it will be magical.

And no, I am not going to tell fuzzy pink stories so people can live vicariously through farming because farming is not fuzzy or pink and if it ever is, often it dies or more commonly, you tell lies to make the fuzzy and pink live on.

Until later …

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  1. I noticed that Facebook was down, but wasn’t really concerned. I don’t have an account because of privacy issues and for all the reasons you listed. re: spells – well, we all weave them in one way or another, don’t we? Follow your heart and continue to weave your spells… never know where they might lead you!


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