Someone needs to clean this house!

Damn it’s a mess!

I spent the morning doing errands: post office, bank, gas station, grocery store and I brought Kitty to her new home.  She went to a petting zoo to do the joint job of guarding the animals at night and schmoozing with the visitors.  It was a perfect fit for her and I was glad to place her there.

I believe I was mislead when I was told to buy the two sisters.  Sure, Kitty got confidence from Rose, but they were bonding more with each other than they were the sheep and goats.  I can’t believe I was stupid enough to believe that.  It took my worry about being able to feed them to make me see the light.  I seriously considered putting them on at least 50% kibble, but I couldn’t go there.  Between having to beat the sheep and goats off their food, the kibble poop and the decline in their general well-being, I just couldn’t do it.

Rose is going to miss her, but she’ll bond with the sheep and goats as she is supposed to.

I milked Rain late today.  I didn’t plan to be out as long as I was this morning.  I spent quite a bit of time visiting with the woman who runs the petting zoo.  She hardly kicked at all!  That is a huge improvement over how she’s been the past few days.

Well, off to try to do some cleaning.