Got talked off the cliff today.

Thank you Crystal and Nathan and also to those of who wrote me privately.  When I talked to Wally when he got off work this afternoon he asked if I was feeling any better.  I told him yes and that I had talked to Crystal and I cried and then to Nathan and I cried.  He said “oh my” with that wonderful southern drawl of his.

We ultra-sensitive creative types … we cry at the drop of a hat.

I also made contacts today with the Lincoln County Historic Commission and to a documentary photographer that I very much admire. I intended to go and do some photographs today, but I sHigh Fashion-1pent a lot of time doing the afternoon chores.  Mostly with the rabbits.  I love watching them and talking to them and when they let me, holding them.  I still have the three photo babies in this picture.  They are a lot bigger now, but I try to handle them a good bit to keep them tame in case I get the crazy idea to do something similar. In general, the Silver Fox is a gentle, easy to handle breed.

Good farming is an art and a way of life; I treat it as both; some treat it as a way to make a living as well which I have not been able to do with any success. In my conversation with Crystal, who still lives on a farm, I discussed the frustrations I was experiencing.  We discussed my desire to make the farm into more of an educational venture.  I think that suits me much better than continuing to try to be a market farmer.  Granted, I may not make any money from that directly, but it will, I do believe, offer me exposure to the field I want to end up in.

Part of the requirements for the grants that I received to work towards an integrated farm raising meat rabbits and market vegetables was to educate other farmers.  I have done that and continue to do so.  In fact, I got a call from a woman today who wants to buy rabbit from us because of how they are raised.  That is extremely gratifying.  I want people to buy from this farm because of how we do things.

We will see.  Until then, I feel much better about my portfolio project, photography in general and the direction I am going in my life.

Until later …