Sittin’ in a Cube

I’m in the library at CVCC.  Today was a work day and I elected to head over to the library where it was quiet, well-lit and has good wireless access.  I finished my second presentation using Adobe’s Voice app on photographer Rob Amberg.  I will post the link a little later.  Amberg is an amazing documentary photographer.  I learned a lot from looking at his images and reading his stories.

I posted on Facebook this morning that readers should watch for exciting new happenings at Spellcast Farm.  You should watch too!  I’m over my slump and hopefully will stay over it for the foreseeable future.

I will be leaving school around 2:00 to take my truck back to the mechanic.  The check engine light came on again.  Crap! Hopefully nothing else is wrong with it … then I am going to drive home, change, do a few chores and then head over to the farm that has the wool sheep to photograph her trimming hooves and vaccinating the ewes.  She uses a squeeze table to hold the sheep while she trims their hooves.  I’ve never seen that done so it should be interesting.  On Saturday they are going to sheer some of the ewes.  She told me it may be a rodeo so be prepared.  Can’t wait! Hopefully the light will be good in the barn that they are going to do it.

Wally is going to go to pick up some organic hay on his way home from work.  It’s a haul to pick it up, but it’s good hay.  This has been a bad year to get hay; last year was just as bad.  I hope this year will be better.

The weekend is supposed to be marvelous!  Wally and I have several things that we plan to get done, one of which is to make a trough and feed chute for the pigs.  They are getting big enough so that it’s difficult getting the food into the feed pans we have for them.  The red one in particular is very aggressive about feeding.  As I was pouring the milk into the pan last night, he slammed the bucket almost spilling the milk everywhere but in the pan.

About time to go and eat my lunch.

Until later …