Quick Note

The article I wrote was published in the Lincoln Times.  It is not available on-line so I’ll scan it, hopefully, today and post it.  I have another pseudo assignment to do for him this week and then maybe …

Here’s a few pictures I took yesterday.  I got some light!

These are from a dairy that is now closed.  The balls are glass and called “weigh balls.” There are measurements on them so that you can tell how many pounds of milk a cow is given.  Except for the cobwebs, it looks like the dairy was just operating yesterday and left.  I still need to go back and get better light.


This image is the same as the one above, but I used selective focus.



I spent a lot of time trying to photograph the elusive peacocks:


I love the light in this one.

School is delayed for two hours today because it is snowing.  It gives me more time to get some things done this AM. More snow (more accumulating snow) is forecast Wednesday night into Thursday.  I do not have school on Thursday so it will not affect me, but I will need to have to get to Hickory to take care of the bunnies and cats I have been sitting for since last Monday.  Snow does not bother me as much as ice does.  Yoda has been in four wheel drive more this winter than he has in some time.  Our driveway is very, very steep.

Until later …