Milking Goats

I’ve had two mornings now of milking all four goats.  One,  Kaianna (a/k/a Chili Pepper) is really hard to milk.  She’s got a high, tight udder with small teats.  She gives a lot of milk.  She’s a bit hateful too. The other three, Willow, Sushi and Siddalee are all pretty easy to milk, but they can be pains in the butts.  None of them have been milked all that much so it is to be expected.  Eventually they will straighten out. I have not milked a goat for about three years now so I am not as efficient as I used to be.  All in due time.  They are all getting into the routine of getting up on the milk stands and then exiting out the way they should.  We have fixed a kid pen that is easy to run the kids up into at night.

I have not saved any milk yet, it has been going to the pigs and the bucklings.  I expect Willow, Sushi and Siddalee are each giving a half gallon a milking.  It is not the two and a half gallons that Moon and Penny used to give, but it is what it is.  At least when I get kicked by a goat, I am not likely to be sent to the hospital or killed.

We now have a new logo which I’ll be incorporating soon.





Actually, I like it better than the old logo with the cow.

I took some images of the goats yesterday that I will add to the journal either later today or tomorrow.

Until later …