Sigh .. relief …

I printed ten images yesterday for my portfolio and they look really good.  Better actually than they look on the computer screen.  I just need ten more, which technically I have and I’ll be done with the requirements.  I have a bit more time to try to take more images to replace any that are not as strong prior to the portfolio show on April 30.  My artist statement is done, my business cards are done, my resume is almost done, now I can relax a bit.

It’s been raining or very overcast for many days straight.  Yesterday it rained about all day.  Today I am off school, but I’ve got a good bit to get done.  High on the priority list is getting the goat shed cleaned out.  They were up in it most of the day yesterday and that coupled with the wet made it a real mess.  We are using what we clean out of the shed as cover for bare areas boKeith Carterth in the pasture and the yard.  I throw some seed down and then cover it with the manure, urine and oat straw from the shed. Perfect to grow grass, especially with all of the rain we are getting.

The image to the right is one that I took a few weeks back of one of our young Alpine does, Guinevere.  We named all of our doelings after our former Jersey cows: Guinevere, Penny, Peach and Persimmon. I edited it to achieve a look similar to photographer Keith Carter’s beautiful work.  Keith Carter is often referred to as a “Poet of the Ordinary” which is a term I relate to.  I’ve posted quotes of his many times on this journal. My portfolio has ended up being a lot of images of ordinary things that I hope others will find beautiful. My final project in History of Photography is to write a research paper on a photographer and to take, print and frame an image in the style of the photographer.  I am writing on Keith Carter and I think this will be the image I will use for that assignment.  I’ll probably take down some of the peach color in the toning, but all in all, I think it is pretty close.

Most of Carter’s images have that murky, limited focus feel to them with beautiful toning.  Here are a couple of examples of his work:

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 6.44.07 AM Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 6.44.46 AM

I’ve got a lot to get done today and it’s about light enough to see outside now so I best get going and get it done. I’m sure the rabbits are really hungry! They all have hay, but because it rained all day today, I have not added fresh and they need some of their grain.  They’ll be hungry.  It is not supposed to rain much today and the sun is going to come out on Friday and Saturday which will help drying things out some until it rains again on Sunday.  Can’t complain, we will be happy for the rain when the grow season really gets going.

Until later …