Raw Feeding Club

Heatwave (now Monty) went to a lawyer that I work with (Charlie) and his family. I convinced them to feed raw by asking them to sniff Gel and Midge’s breath. No awful dog odor. I was surprised at how easy it was to convince them.

Charlie’s wife initially had some difficulties in feeding the puppy raw; she mentioned to a few friends and family members that she was feeding raw and they expressed concerns about bacteria, etc. which frightened her. She was also concerned about keeping his diet balanced. I then went to Plan B and suggested high quality canned or freeze-dried food, which she expressed an interest in. At that point, however, Charlie took over the feeding responsibilities and Monty is still on raw food. Charlie’s wife has settled down and now raw is not a problem. That’s great news!

What is even better is another lawyer came to me today asking questions about feeding a raw diet to her Papillon. She’s been considering getting a second Papillon and in talking to a local breeder, discovered that the breeder feeds raw. She had never heard of feeding a raw diet to a dog until Charlie told her about feeding raw to Monty and now this breeder. I gave her some reading material and will be bringing her in some ground rabbit to feed her dog to see how she does on it. She is concerned about what she herself eats (she shops for all organic food) so she’s a prime candidate for raw feeding. Soon we’ll have a raw feeding cult here at my office.