Tired …

Wally and I worked our tails off yesterday.  I finished all but one permanent raised bed while Wally worked on removing grass clumps.


Another iPhone picture.  I do not need to tell you how much work it is to manually shovel all of these alleyways.  Wally cleaned out the last rabbit tractor and some from under the rabbit cages in the afternoon to put in the alleyways.  We still need more! Hard to believe we are almost out of rabbit manure!  There will be more!

Today we will finish removing the grass clump so we can till three more rows in the upper area to plant some sweet corn.  Then we will clean out the goat shed to cover more alleyways.  I am going to do more seed starting in flats rather than in directly in the garden.  It is too hard to give the new seeds enough water to get a good start and the soil is still very rough.  There is enough of a hill in the beds so that the roots, once established will have plenty of room to grow, but getting seeds started will be more difficult.

I did plant one row of Mississippi Purple Hull peas.

There is some rain forecast for next week which is good because it is very, very dry right now.

Until later …