Lost …

Remember the TV series Lost? I was so addicted to that show. I feel very lost now.  I just finished milking the goats and feeding the rabbits including scything some grass for them.  The second pasture that we have yet to fence in has grass so tall you could lose a small child in it.  In the pasture that is fenced, the goats are belly-deep in grass, yet, they still want to laze around and eat hay and Chaffhaye.  That’s because they are lazy b*tches.  Such is a dairy goat.

Wally and I worked our tails off this past weekend.  On Sunday, Wally finished cleaning out the rabbit barn and now all of my permanent beds are complete.  We also converted what was a stand to hold rabbit cages into a combination potting/seedling table.  Soon I’ll be heading out to plant at least one row of sweet corn and then start a bunch of vegetables in the greenhouse.  It takes so much water to get seeds started and in seed trays I have more control over the water the seeds get.  We need rain.

As far as the job search goes, the goal is to send at least one resume out per day. It’s hard not to worry about getting a job, but unlike back in 2008 to 2012 when I started school, places are hiring.  During that 2008 to even as late as 2013 and 2014, you would have to fight to get a job at a place like Walmart — now Walmart is actively recruiting.  Not that I want to work at Walmart, but if worst comes to worst, it is there as an option. The goal is a part-time, well-paying office job so that I can have time to continue with the farming and photography.

Back to lost: this is the first time in a long time that I have not had to either attend school or do school work.  It was not until this weekend when I realized just how much time school was actually taking.  I just did it — but seeing just how much Wally and I got done this weekend made me realize how much time school was taking.  Now I need to redirect my energy.

Time to go and eat some breakfast and then head out to plant some corn and then back into the house to finishing cleaning it and make a batch of fresh ricotta.  Was going to make feta, but I’m missing lipase and calcium chloride to make the brine.

Until later …