This is Wally’s only day off this week.  I hate it when he has to work Saturdays.  I told him I would not wake him up this morning so he could sleep in as long as possible.  I expect we will not get a whole lot done today.  I am bunny sitting for a lady in Hickory and today is my last day to do that so our day will get broken up a bit.

I ordered a bunch more seeds so I need to get more rows planted.  I believe I only have four or five left in the front row.  Once they are planted, I’ll start working on the back rows. We need some rain! Badly! Hopefully Monday and Tuesday there will be some.

Sent out two resumes yesterday and one this morning.  Something will come up.  Meanwhile, I need to work hard at getting the rest of the garden up and running.  My goals of establishing an integrated farming model are starting to look like they are obtainable.  Permaculture is looking more practical. I need to keep on that goal.

I have three gallons of milk (after today there will be four) in the refrigerator and I now have the ingredients for feta cheese so need to do that soon too.

Meanwhile, enjoy some random farm images snap-shot on the 15th:

Garden 5-14-15-1

Garden 5-14-15-2

Garden 5-14-15-3

Garden 5-14-15-4

Until later …