Out of Compost!

We are pretty much out of compost! I did not ever think that would happen! So I had to buy some yesterday.  I got .57 of a ton and given a ton is 2,000 pounds, that’s over 1,000 pounds of compost. Too much weight to carry on Yoda and a whole lot to unload! There’s still a little bit of it in the back of my truck, but most of it is incorporated into two new rows in the garden. This compost is not ideal, it is all vegetable and plant matter, but it is highly composted and will add organic matter to the soil. I’ll incorporate some of our rabbit manure compost (there’s still a little bit of it left) before planting in it. The portion of the field that I am working in now has been manured by the cows and what we put on it before plowing it, but it still needs a lot of help. I so wish we could find someone with a tractor and a tiller that could completely break up the field so we would not have to do so much of it manually, but I do not think that is going to happen.  A wonderful man came with his tractor and plowed and disked it, but it did not completely break it up.  It’s probably just as well as long as my body holds up.

So today I am not going to work so hard. It is going to be a busy day because I have our animals to take care of, then some horses and goats of a neighbor, then heading to make a delivery to Lincolnton, do a few errands and then come back and take care of our animals and the neighbor’s animals again.  I am hoping to get a row of beans and one of okra in as well. There was a chance of rain last night, but it did not come.  Luckily our irrigation system will be here on Friday and we can hook it up over the weekend.

Once the next area of rows is constructed, we will smooth out the back portion (which could be 14 more 25-foot rows) and either plant pumpkins or cover crop or both. It would be good to plant pumpkins and just let them sprawl.  I got the ingredients I needed to make a soil block mixture yesterday so I can start pumpkins in the greenhouse and transplant them so that may very well work. I’ve got numerous things to plant in the fall, like mammoth beets which will help break up the soil.

Off to craft another clever cover letter.

Until later …