If you’ve been reading this journal, you will remember that last week, while sitting for a friend’s horses and goats, I found our cat Ted who had been missing for about six months.  Wally and I were elated to have him back.  We had been keeping him in the house at night except for Monday night.  Tuesday morning when I went to take care of the horses and goats for the last time, who comes strolling out of the barn? Ted. It made me very sad that he chose to return to her house. I could have picked him up and brought him home, but the more times he crosses Highway 27, the more at risk he is to getting hit by a car.  I’d rather think of him there than see him dead on the road. Ted made his choice.

We finally got ran last night.  It has been over 30 days since we’ve had any measurable rain.  Wally and I went out and sat on the deck to watch it rain. It is a good thing it rained because I planted three more rows of beans and corn (well, two and a half, have a half row to put in cowpeas this morning). It will be good this morning to be able to work while it’s cool.  Since Thursday I have had to do my chores here then go over and take care of the horses and goats.

Cameras have remained untouched. Not good.

Have not sent out a resume for a while now — nothing worth sending it for. Not good. Oh well, there’s always Walmart and it will help pay the bills. Something will come up.

There is a couple that I know of that is farming locally.  They have set up a pay-as-you-go CSA (CSA means Community Supported Agriculture).  Most CSAs are pay-up-front and I believe that is the way to go because if people have the option of not picking up what they said they wanted, some will become too busy. That leaves the farmer with product that they’ve grown, harvested, prepped and packaged. If more people had to grow their own food or did not have easy access to other food, they’d appreciate what small farmers did.  Alas, that is not the case and it is no surprise so many small farmers stop doing what they do. If a farmer produced a product that could easily be stored, that would be a different story, but most produce is highly perishable so you either use it or you lose it.

Until later …