No more job applications!

Friday was my birthday (the big 55!) and I got a wonderful present: a job at CVCC’s testing center! While in photojournalism class during last fall semester we visited CVCC’s new testing center.  I was impressed with it then.  I’m so glad they hired me! It’s only part-time, but that’s what I was looking for.  I’ll start this semester to finish my photography degree (only need the math class) and a degree in business (luckily the requirements are the same math class).  I’ll be busy and it will be good to be back at CVCC.  I’ve missed it!

The sense of relief that I am feeling is amazing.  I now have a purpose. I will have some money coming in.  I will not be working at some big box store, fast food restaurant or the like. I’ll be reasonably mentally stimulated.  I’ll be in a new office with A/C. It’s all good.

We finally got a little bit of rain yesterday.  It was a blessing! We’ve been so dry.  I ran the drip irrigation for two hours yesterday and thoroughly watered the raised beds. There’s a good bit of rain forecast for the rest of the week.  Here’s hoping. Our pastures are starting to look bad.  I’m so glad I do not have cows on it.

Things came to a head with the woman who asked me to be the second shooter at the wedding.  It did not end well.  It’s okay. Doors close, doors open. This one needed to close, I’ve known it for a long time. You sometimes get those gut feelings that things are not as they seem and I am certain that’s the case here. It’s all good. I’ve recently met some amazing people that I believe are going to be a part of our lives here for some time and those are the people I need to surround myself with.  We had a couple come to visit on Sunday and it was a fantastic visit. Wally and I love sitting on the deck visiting.  The farm is turning into a truly magical place. To see the garden that went from this (taken January 31):


To this (taken June 21) in just a short few months is amazing!10473407_825225657545658_4748540039462168042_n

I’m going to go out and pick a tub of weeds for the ducks and do the rest of the AM chores then head to Hickory to make deliveries and do a few errands.

Until later …