Goats …

There are times I wonder where my head is. The goats all by drive me mad.  Goats are onerous creatures. They can be pushy, noisy, obnoxious and even, I think, downright evil. They are a lesson in patience, something I feel I have little of.  Is it possible to do what I do without patience? I do not know.  Maybe that’s why I have not been successful.

Then again, what is the definition of success? Is it money in the bank? A new car? Cable TV with every channel known to man on a TV in every room? Or could it be health? A pleasant place to live? A good relationship with another human being? The opportunity to eat really good, really healthy food that you had a hand in raising?

I finally finished reading A Garlic Testament: Seasons on a Small New Mexico Farm by Stanley Crawford and I thoroughly enjoyed.  In the last chapter Crawford spoke of the balance sheet that failed to show a true profit, but was the monetary profit truly why he did it, or was it his love of the farm and all it involved? The book made me realize I truly need to get back to farmers’ markets — maybe next year.  This is the year of learning in the garden and learning I am. It has been reasonably successful especially given how difficult the growing conditions have been this summer. We have had little measurable rain in over two weeks now.  There is currently a 100 percent chance of rain today, however, we’ve had 100 percent chance of rain in the forecast in the past and got little more than a spit.  We need a soaking, a good soaking, several days of soaking. Thank goodness we put in the irrigation as that has been the saving grace.

Back to the goats: for years now I’ve fed a whole grain mixture made up by a local feed mill. As with all things, it has become progressively more expensive and I am not happy with the goats’ production; however, my gut says that it is not the feed but the goats. The Alpines came from a farm where they were likely not given any structure and not milked regularly. I do not think a goat can reach its full potential as a milk goat unless it is milked regularly. One of the goats I purchased is a third-time-freshener and I do not think that she’s been milked at all. We purchased two Saanens, one a first time freshener and she’s milking really well; the other is a third-time-freshener and she just kidded June 10 so she has not hit peak yet, but she’s milking reasonably well.

I truly need to calm down when around the goats and keep calm. It is unpleasant for all involved. The weather and the flies do not help.  At least it’s not 95+ degrees out when I milk in the evening.

It will all be better when I get back to the structure of a job and school. I think I work better that way.

I am trying once again to get back into the routine of writing every day. I also took a camera out to the garden Wednesday morning:

Garden 7-1-15-1

Garden 7-1-15-2

Garden 7-1-15-3

Garden 7-1-15-4

Garden 7-1-15-5

Garden 7-1-15-6

Garden 7-1-15-7

Garden 7-1-15-8


Wally is off work today through Monday.  Luckily, the woman at CVCC who takes care of the hiring paperwork will not be back in the office until Tuesday so I do not need to start work until Tuesday so I have four days to enjoy with Wally.  Looking forward to that and to the future.

Until later …