New Job

The new job is good.  Very, very, very good.  Intellectually stimulating, good work-mates, comfortable surroundings.  It’s all good.  The only problem is adapting to having to do this different kind of work.  I’m tired! I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday — it is not.  I do not work Friday, but I was looking forward to sleeping in a little bit in the morning, but not for another day. I do not have to be in until 12 today so I have some time to get things done — like pick a tub of weeds for the ducks.

We are back in the hot weather pattern and still no rain. I’ve been worrying myself to death about the power bill, which we got yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised! The power bill will be less than the cable bill and no, we do not have every channel known to man, just the basics.

The past two mornings I’ve gone out early and turned on the irrigation.  Previously I was leaving it on for only an hour and a half, but I did some research and figured out that was not sufficient – five to six hours is. So I left it on for about five hours yesterday and when I went out this morning, I could see the rows were still wet. I had to be in at 11 yesterday which did not leave me a lot of time to do much around here.  I had to water the raised beds which seems to take forever now. I am seriously considering not using them much next growing season and saving them for cooler weather crops like greens and lettuce. I could throw a cover crop in them during the warmer months which is what I think I will do. There is one bed of tomatoes that just is not doing well which I may just pull up, use the tomatoes that have grown as green tomatoes, work the bed up and put buckwheat or something in it.

The main garden is nothing short of amazing now.  Every time I go in there I am in awe of how green and dense it is. Harvesting things is going to be a bit tricky given how dense it is. We’ve got Borlotti beans almost ready to harvest, I noticed another variety of bean (Black Valentine I think) is almost ready as well. NOTE TO SELF: Plant more Black Valentine beans, they seem to do really well despite difficult conditions and are not as prone to pests as other varieties, but I’ll keep nursing the Borlotti beans along because I love them.  I planted another row of Borlotti beans which are supposed to be under row cover (which blew off yesterday — will fix it this morning) to protect them from pests. Some pest did a good bit of damage to the first crop of Borlotti beans, but they seem to be rallying and now that I’ve figured out I need to irrigate them longer, they may do better. I made a mistake in starting seeds in marking them and I ended up with more egg gourd plants than I intended and they are now growing everywhere! It looks like some rogue bird has been laying eggs all over the place. I wish I were artistic enough to paint them when they are dry as they’d probably be good sellers.  It’s okay, we’ll enjoy them.

The corn is taller than I am and forming ears. The pumpkins are growing well and stupid me planted them too close — we will have a serious pumpkin jungle. The tomatoes that are doing well are producing like crazy.

We recently sold four goats: two adult Alpines and their daughters to a local lady.  She’s already taken the daughters (to spend time with them away from their mothers) and we will deliver the mothers on Friday and then I’m going to go over there a few days in a row to help her learn to milk them. She’s also buying four adult rabbits. She is prepping for upcoming disaster which she feels sure is coming. I do not blame her.  We are in very crazy times. I am glad that Wally and I are as well along towards self-sufficiency as we are.

It’s about light enough to go out to start with the goats and then into the garden I go to pick a tub of weeds for the ducks and secure the row cover to keep it down, feed and water the rabbits and then it will be about time for me to take a quick shower and head to work.  Luckily I do not have to dress up too awfully much for the job, but I have been putting on a bit of eye make-up which takes time.

Until later …