I made the difficult decision this weekend to stop planting anything in the garden.  We simply are not getting enough rain, there’s little rain forecast for the coming week — a pattern that has been going on since the beginning of June.  While we have irrigation installed, it should only be supplemental watering, not the sole source as it has been for the past few months.  I am terrified of depleting the well — I know Wally shares my fears.

Plus the garden environment is downright scary right now.  There are so many problem bugs out there right now it is not funny.  I took up the bed of Swiss Chard and the Mexican Sour Gherkins.  The Chard was full of bug holes, but it gets a medal for going as long as it did.  The Mexican Sour Gherkins were completely infested with squash bugs.

So, I’ll continue to work to clean out the spent (dead, dying, done) vegetables, add rabbit and goat manure to the rows and let them sit for a while.  I will probably get some wildlife plot seed or hardy winter cover crop and plant it in the rows and when the summer cover crop in the far end of the garden dies off or is harvested for forage, I’ll plant it there. I do have garlic coming and it will go in the ground and I transplanted one row of Comfrey and have another row to transplant.

While I may clean out some rabbit tractors or maybe the goat shed, I think today is going to be spent getting ahead on homework. I’m doing really well on grades and do not want to get behind.

It was a difficult decision to stop fighting the weather, but I believe it was the best one. I learned a tremendous amount and made great progress.  Hopefully next year will bring normal rainfall. Unfortunately, however, I believe it may end up being a constant battle.  Let’s hope not. Now the goal is not let the weeds, etc. take over the garden which is why I need to get come form of cover crop planted.  It will be more able to withstand poor weather conditions than vegetable plants are.

Until later …