Not a good sick person …

I am not a good sick person.  I felt like I was getting sick Tuesday while at work so when I left, I wiped down the computer keyboard and mouse with a Lysol wipe.  Sure enough, Tuesday afternoon I started to feel progressively worst, slept horrible and felt like crap all day Wednesday.  Luckily I did not have to go anywhere and could stay home and be miserable.  I hate colds.  I slept better last night and feel better today.

It looks like we are finally going to get some measurable rain starting this evening going through the whole weekend.  That means Wally and I can hole up in the house, rest (he’s been sick with a cold too) catch up on house work and cook! Got bread baking on my mind! Sausage soup too! I’ve been making comfort food all week.  On Monday we had Shepherd’s Pie, last night a roast chicken with stuffing along with mashed sweet potatoes and butter beans. I love food!

I wrote on Facebook yesterday that the animals were doing well.  The goats are still producing a good bit of milk (given how they are fed, it is amazing they are producing as much as they are), the one pen of young Silver Fox rabbits (all bucks) are growing well. They were born the middle of June which makes them about 12 weeks old now.  That is the age that most producers would process them (most would have processed them even sooner than that), but I will let them get to be four to five months old before I process them.  Why? Because I want a more substantial carcass and I want to start tanning the hides.  I have five hides from the last batch of SF X rabbits in the tanning (pickling) solution.  I fleshed them yesterday and now they need to sit in the pickling solution for another week and a half to two weeks and then I can “break” the hide and hopefully they’ll come out.  You need to have “older” rabbits in order to have a good hide to tan.  Young hides are more fragile and I experienced that with the ones I have now. It’s stupid to throw away (compost) such beautiful hides.

In addition, the ducks are still laying quite well.  I am getting close to a dozen eggs a day, which does not seem like a lot, but given a year ago when we first moved here, with about 100 ducks I was getting no eggs at all. Of course they were stressed by the move, but even back on the old farm, I was not getting that many.  That could be because they were hiding them and I never found them.  If you research the Internet, it says ducks are usually done laying by 8 AM, but that is not true.  They do lay later than that.

A full-time job came available at CVCC and I applied for it. We will see what happens.

Until later …