Gainfully employed …

Quite by chance, literally because I was at the right place at the right time, yesterday I joined the ranks of the employed.  I start today as a full-time reporter at a small, local newspaper. I am so incredibly excited! It is a job I can make my own, be proud of and nurture — and get paid doing it! It is great that I will be employed in a profession my schooling prepared me for. I know I’ve been down on the photography program at CVCC and I need to make amends for that. As has always been the case, I need to be careful of my passions and sensitivities getting in the way of good sense. I had a sticker on my computer screen that said, “write for respect” and I took it down.  It needs to go back up so I do not forget.

The next few months are going to be rough with finishing up what classes I am enrolled in and learning a new job.  I still plan to continue to work on a new project (which I’ll talk about in another post) as best I can. Over the weekend, I plan to hit math hard as our midterm exam is next week and I do not feel ready for it.  I am way ahead in the computer class and if I focus on it, I can get that almost finished up soon.  The business class is not too demanding. Whether I will continue to take classes or not next semester, I do not know.  We will see … I wish CVCC offered a journalism degree, but they do not.

So Norman and Nelson, my two Nikon cameras, both loaded with fully-charged batteries plus a third set of fully-charged batteries as well as Melvin, my trusty MacBook, Ivan, my iPad and ready to go.  I was hired to write stories, not to photograph, but I feel sure my photography skills will be utilized as well.

I wish I had slept better last night.  My allergies are driving me crazy.  I do not know what has triggered them, but between Wally snoring and my sneezing, I got little sleep. Plus my brain was going a mile a minute.

A few days ago, we dropped milking the goats down to once a day.  They could have kept going twice day as they were still giving a reasonable amount of milk, but I was not selling enough of it to justify continuing to milk them twice a day.  I am freezing all of the extra milk now and now that I am returning to work, I do not need to worry about feed bills being paid by customers. It will be incredibly freeing. We will not stop farming and if people want to buy our products, then they are available, but now we do not need to count on them.

That is a good thing.

Until later …