New Job

The new job is going fantastic.  It is demanding, challenging, sometimes frustrating (primarily because I hate not knowing how to do something!), but incredible rewarding and stimulating.  I spent yesterday chasing pumpkins, ghost stories, accidents and ground breaking ceremonies. I am going to be glad to have a day off this weekend!

On Saturday I go to Hart Square to cover the festival.  I love Hart Square and have never been to the festival so I am extremely excited to cover it.  I have fond memories of Hart Square from my photography classes.

My education at CVCC did a good job of preparing me for this job, however, there is still a lot to learn. You have to be able to think fast, dig for information and be ready for anything!  On my way in to work on Tuesday, I passed a bad accident not far from the office.  First I drove by it, I did not feel confident enough to go to take pictures, but I turned around and called the boss and asked him what he wanted me to do.  He asked if I had a camera.  Of course I did! He gave me the name of the police chief and I headed off to find out what I could.  I got a good picture of the wrecked vehicle, but I was not quick enough to catch the helicopter taking the victim to the hospital.  If I had stopped right away I would have been able to get that.  Next time there will be no hesitation!

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I told our farm customers that I was not going to be able to deliver milk to their houses.  We lost three customers. Oh well, if they do not care enough about consuming what we produce to drive 15 +/- miles to get it, then I guess they did not care enough.  I worked last Saturday, I am working this Saturday and expect I’ll be working more Saturdays.  I need time for Wally and myself too. I have the goats on once a day milking and get a little over two gallons a day.  Most of that is going in the freezer for the winter when they are not milking.  I go through at least a quart of milk a day so I need to freeze a good bit.  Hopefully they’ll all have at least two babies in the spring so the babies can drink most of the milk.  This year, unless any of the babies is sold for future breeding or dairy animals, they will all go in the freezer. We have no need to keep replacement does.

I guess this means I will cull down my rabbit herd even more, but as part of one of the business courses I am taking, I plan to try to launch a small raw-rabbit-for-cats Internet-based business.  Given I cannot legally sell my rabbits for human consumption and most people are not willing to come to the farm to get them anyway, I might as well sell them to people who want to feed rabbit to their cats.  That was the project I was working on and I plan to continue to do so.  I want to keep the farm going to provide food for Wally and me (and our dogs and cats!) and whomever else is willing to drive to get it.

Until later …