Death of a Farmer?

Maybe.  Now that I have a full-time job that I love, love, love … doing something that I worked my butt off attending college for going on three years now why would I want to continue to cater to people who only want what I do not have and do not really appreciate what we do?

Short answer, I do not want to.  I do not need to now.

But, I will continue to raise Silver Fox rabbits, Ancona ducks and the goats but it will be for Wally and me.  That’s pretty much been the goal all along, however, I was afraid I’d end up in a dead end job that I’d hate. We bought the property in Vale for that purpose: it is small enough for us to manage even in old age, but big enough to raise food on. Now that I have a full-time job, we can do it.  I sold three Silver Fox rabbits yesterday, two does that I bought from a breeder up in the mountains and a young buck I bred and will be selling another adult doe as soon as she weans off her babies and will continue with the rabbits on the small scale we designed months ago now.

I thought about selling the Alpine does and just keeping the two Saanens and ultimately I may do that, but most of the Alpines are “older” does and it may be hard to get them in good homes or sell them at a price where I will not lose money on them.  I may just keep them, let them raise their babies, sell what we can for breeding stock and eat the rest.  I’ll milk as we need the milk. I have an upright freezer almost full of milk for the winter and I have tons of frozen goat cheese too.

We are getting a lot of rain.  As I write this, I can hear the rain on the roof and it is heavy.  I am going to work at home some this morning and wait for it to get a little bit lighter before I go out to milk the goats (I’m only milking a few of them and by hand now, the milking machine has been put up for the season and it may get sold in the spring). Wally slaved on Friday constructing wooden platforms for the goats to get up on so that they will hopefully stay dry. I’ll know this morning if it is working.  I can’t wait until we are able to put in a real barn for them. Maybe soon.

The ideal place for a barn would be up where we installed the garden. It is very flat. We may end up putting it there. I still have all my raised beds and they will be enough room for us to plant in for us.

The job is demanding.  I am working quite a few hours and it’s hard work.  I know it will get easier and when I finally finish school it will be even easier.  I spent most of Sunday working through the computer course. I am through with Word and Excel, now I just need to get through Powerpoint.  I wrote the business instructor to see about withdrawing from the course.  I do not know if I will be able to or not. I want to be able to focus solely on the math course and get through that with an A. I got an A on my mid-term exam which pushed my average from a high B to an A.  If need be, I can get through the business course and then I’m done! I sort of thought I’d be a perpetual student, but now that I have the job, I do not want to go to school any more.

I am a photojournalist!!! Yes!! But I am still a farmer, I still care a great deal about food and the welfare of the animals that we consume for meat.

Until later …