While many of my fellow classmates purchased new cameras while we were in school, I continued to shoot with my trusty Nikon D90s (I have two of them). I kept telling myself that I had not tapped out the full potential of this wonderful camera. Instead I spent my money on lenses. Now I think I have finally come to the point of needing to upgrade — decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

Originally I was going to get a Nikon D7100 which is what several of my classmates who used Nikon bought, then I started to look at the newer D7200, then I considered the high-end D800 and quickly decided that was not a great option given the high megapixels (36.3) which mean huge images, not necessary for photojournalism.  I went back to the D7200 (or D7100) both DX or crop-sensor cameras and then came back to the D750.  It is a full-frame camera and has 24.3 megapixels (the 7200 has 24.2) and supposedly has excellent autofocus abilities in the low light (something my D90 is struggling with).  The D90 is a DX camera and has 12.3 megapixels.

I have been doing a lot in low light and have to push my ISO up to 800+ and my poor old seven-year-old technology D90s are struggling.

A new D750 costs around $1,800, a new D7200 costs around $1100. That’s not a huge difference in price and while I really do not need a full-frame camera, if the difference between crop-sensor and full frame is around $700 plus the added features the D750 has over the D7200 it’s probably worth the money.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

I slipped on a rock fell on on it during an assignment Saturday.  I had both Nikons on my holster and banged one pretty bad.  I looked through the viewfinder to see if it was still working, it was, but I saw cracks! I looked at the lens and saw a spiderweb of cracks.  Luckily it was just the filter and both camera and lens seem fine.  I ordered new and back-up filters for all of my lenses.

On Sunday, I finished the computer class I was taking with a 94 percent average (I finished more than a month ahead of schedule).  Last week, I dropped the one business course.  I could have bull-shitted my way through it, but I need to focus on finishing the math class with an A and graduating. Plus I need to put my energy towards the job.

As I write this, it is pouring out.  It has been raining off and on for what seems like weeks.  Hopefully after today it will dry off. Last week, Wally made platforms in the goat shelter so they can lie up off the ground and because of that, they are staying quite dry.  I am only milking the two Saanens right now. This lessens the amount of milking I have to do, but dealing with the Alpines who are not coming in to get milk — and eat grain — is a bit of a pain. It makes them ill and they take it out on the Saanens. Rotten creatures!

Three first-time Silver Fox does had babies over the past few days.  Two had nine babies which is a big litter for a rabbit, especially a first time mother.  Both have whites in the litters which is exciting.  The third one had a smaller litter (not sure what colors yet) and had two outside the nest box (they did not survive). I sold a doe with a litter of six yesterday and hopefully have another doe with a litter of five sold.  No sense keeping up with as many rabbits as I have at this point in time. I’m doing better selling them as breeding stock than I am for meat anyway.

Can’t put it off much longer.  Off to milk.

Until later …