Instant Gratification

We live in an instant gratification society.  People are so accustomed to shopping at Walmart or on Amazon and getting what they want NOW that they have failed to realize that not all things are available NOW.

I get lots of calls, texts or e-mails from people who want a Silver Fox doe (rarely a buck, no one wants bucks, same deal with goats). More likely than not, I do not have one available either because I’ve sold them all or they are too young.  I think, just for kicks, I am going to tell the next person, yes, I have a ____ doe(s) available and they are some ridiculous price just to see if they bite.

Heck, I even have a waiting list and those people are no longer interested when I have them available. I guess they did not really want them.  No matter really, if they are not sold as breeding animals, we eat them. Perfect arrangement.

I can sympathize, to a certain extent, but all good things come to those who wait. The farm is not a factory for anything. It never was nor will it ever be.

Yesterday morning (which seems like a long way away given I worked from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.) I wrote a post entitled Novel of a Failed Farmer but did not finish it. I think there is no failure here, just a paradigm shift. I am still farming just on a much smaller basis and most importantly doing it for Wally and me. No more for anyone else. I told almost all of my clients last week that I was no longer going to sell milk.  I had one lady who was supposed to come to pick up two gallons late last week but she never contacted me nor showed. This was a client who was always saying how much she appreciated and loved us.  I guess the love was not really there except in text messages.  I say almost all because I have a guy who buys milk in large quantity to feed his dog.  Darned, this guy is more religious about coming to pick up milk (which is frozen in gallon containers) than any of the others who were getting it for themselves to drink. After this last trip, however, he will likely be done too given I am not willing to give up any more of the milk that I am still getting from the two goats.  I drink at least a quart of either milk or yogurt every day plus what I use for cooking or in coffee.

I am just milking the two Saanens and I am doing it by hand.  I have a lady coming out this evening (hopefully) to buy the four Alpines. I believe she is planning on starting a dairy in South Carolina and the Alpines will be well suited for that. The other morning when I went out to milk in the pouring rain, I found the Alpines in the shelter, snug and dry and the two Saanens in the other shelter which is not-so-dry.  I can only imagine the Alpines ran them out. That afternoon, Wally put the Alpines down in the lower pasture with the buck (there is an old barn down there for shelter) and that’s where they will stay until they are sold.  I am sick of their unruliness. The Saanens are very good natured, easy to milk and no problem whatsoever.  I paid more for one Alpine than I did for the two Saanens and the Saanens have produced more milk over the season than all but one of the Alpines. Once the Alpines are gone and I am sure the Saanens are bred, the Alpine buck that we paid more for than I did for one Saanen goat, will go in the freezer. We will buy a Saanen buck for breeding next year.

The money for the Alpines will go in the savings account towards a new camera.

Last night, I attended a pretty rambunctious town meeting in Newton.  It was so rambunctious that both Charlotte television stations were in attendance.  There is an annual parade held in Newton in August which has been held every year since the Civil War.  A negro reverend, who does not even live in Newton, brought his concerns about display of the Confederate flag during the parade to the Mayor and opened a huge can of worms.  I have not seen so many rednecks in one room at one time since I’ve lived in North Carolina.  It was quite entertaining. I got home a bit after 10 and did not get to bed until almost 11 and was up at 5.  Not enough sleep for this old lady.

Off to milk and do morning chores and then off to work.

Until later …