I made the difficult decision last week to drop my math class.  l attempted to do the homework last Sunday afternoon and hit a brick wall with it.  This teacher has done this throughout the semester – handing us homework to do before the next class without any preparatory instruction.  This week it was statistics. I’ve never been exposed to statistics, I had no clue what to do.  I read the chapter but it did not help.  I did research on the Internet, still no help.  I gave up and went to web assign to do the homework on the last sections – the ones I should have been able to do in my sleep, but I could not get past the third problem.  WTF? I finally gave up and wrote the instructor asking him to withdraw me.  He did not want me to do it, said an “A” was just around the corner for me. Yea right, I cannot do the homework, I cannot always get to class now due to my job, how am I going to get an A?

The sense of relief that I feel now is amazing.  As it turned out, I would not have been able to go to class this past Tuesday because I was covering a ground breaking ceremony.  I could have gone Thursday, but there was no class on Thursday.  It just was not in the cards for me to finish this semester.  I will take the class again once I am settled into the job, but now I need to focus on the job.  It means a tremendous amount to me! It is stressful, it is hard, but it is so freaking gratifying it is not funny.

“I know my stuff looks like it was rattled off in twenty-eight seconds, but every word is a struggle and every sentence is like the pangs of birth.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Dr. Seuss

Sold all of the Alpine dairy goats last week too.  Very glad those bitches are gone. They were a mess when I got them both in terms of temperament and condition.  They were a lot better when I sold them, but they were still pushy, aggravating bitches.  Life is too short to deal with rotten, pushy goats.  I still have the two Saanens who are very easy to work with and give a lot of milk – more than the Alpines ever did.  They are bred to a French Alpine buck, but next year, we’ll breed them to a Saanen buck. As soon as I get the papers for the buck he’ll go into the freezer as will the castrated Saanen that we bought with one of the does.

I had a pen of Silver Fox bucks that were growing out to be put in the freezer.  If all goes well, of all of the bucks that were once in that pen (six or seven) only one will be left this afternoon.  I am selling more rabbits as breeding stock than I am processing them these days.  That’s a good thing.  We still have quite a few in the freezer right now and I expect sales will slow down on them at some point.

It is supposed to get quite cold next week.  As of right now, I do not have to work Saturday so Wally and I will go and do our shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and then hopefully dig out the rest of our sweet potatoes.  I have no idea what condition they’ll be in.  We’ve had a few freezes and they may be no good which is a shame, but we have not had time to get them up.  If they’ve frozen, the rabbits will eat them and we’ll get some from another farmer that had time to get them dug up.

I have no idea what kind of a garden we’ll get in next year.  I do not have much free time anymore. We may just go to farmers markets on Saturday to get what we need. Dealing with potential drought, too much rain, bugs, etc. is just not something I want to do.  This past summer was so hard.  We (I) put so much effort into the garden only to have most of it go bad due to the drought and bugs. At this point in time, it just is not worth it.

Until later …