So hard to wait …

So hard to wait … so hard to make the decision. I know in my heart that I’ve finally tapped out the capabilities of my Nikon D90 cameras yet its so hard to make the step towards a full frame – EXPENSIVE camera. I could take a little step forward and go with a D7100 which will be better than the D90 but I look at my camera equipment as an investment and the difference between the D7100 and the D750 would be huge.  The difference between the D90 and the D750 would be difficult to measure it would be so big.  I’ll still keep at least one D90 as a back-up camera.  I am so attached to my two cameras at this point it would be hard for me to sell one of them.

On Sunday I photographed a dress rehearsal for A Charlie Brown Christmas.  I had to photograph at ISO 2000 to get a shutter speed fast enough to stop motion.  I had the fastest lens that I own on the camera opened to its widest aperture (f/1.8).  I got the images, but they were very, very noisy (image noise).  I was able to reduce some of the noise using a combination of Adobe’s Lightroom and Alien Skin’s Exposure, but it was still there. I also photographed Newton’s Light Up the Town Celebration.  I was able to use ISO 1000 for that event so the images were not too bad, but if you looked at them closely, you saw noise.

This weekend, I start work on a Nutcracker Ballet performance.  That is going to be exciting and hopefully where ever I photograph that will be light enough so I can get good images.  This Saturday evening I go to the potter I did the story on for a firing (of his kiln).  I am looking forward to that.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I’m through milking for the season which is a very good thing given the past three days have been pouring rain during the time I would be out milking.  As I write this, it is pouring.  I need to go out and check the goats and give them some food, but at least I do not have to haul milking equipment.  Thank god I am no longer using a milking machine! It was noisy and a lot to haul back and forth and a lot more work to clean up.  Now it’s a bucket, a filter, a tote and that’s it.

Yesterday evening, Wally triple-fed the rabbits that are in tractors outside so I do not have to do any more than check them this morning.  I do need to feed the rabbits in the barn which is no big deal given they are in a barn. Over Thanksgiving weekend we sent three rabbits to Texas and two to Alabama. The people from Texas were up visiting relatives, the ones from Alabama drove here to get them.  That’s pretty cool. Like with the goats, the male rabbits are not as valuable as the females.  I have people looking for female rabbits, which I have but none are ready to go and it is unlikely that the individuals will be willing to wait for them. No matter, whatever we do not sell will go in the freezer.  I have one buck that is big enough to go into the freezer, but I hate to get all my processing equipment out to do one rabbit.  I may not have a choice.

Gel has been able to go to work with me which is really nice.  I can tell a difference in my stress level when he’s there.  It is a known phenomenon that animals reduce stress.  Not that I am too terribly stressed at work, but it’s nice having him there.  It is a horrible reality that Gel is not going to be with us forever. So this morning he is going to need to stay inside and dry when I go out to do chores. He won’t be happy with that, but he’ll live.

We got Buckwheat neutered yesterday.  He is out on the front porch for a few days.  He’s not happy with that arrangement, but he’ll be okay. Now all of our cats are spayed and neutered.

Until later …