I did it!

On Saturday I bit the bullet and upgraded to a Nikon D7200. I used it for the first time while photographing a live nativity scene (in was very, very low light).  When I first pointed the camera at the subject and depressed the shutter (at which point the camera should focus and take the picture) – the shutter almost immediately engaged.  I thought to myself – what? I looked in the LCD screen at the back of the camera at the image and it appeared in focus.

WOW I thought – it focuses really, really fast! I would have known the D90 was focusing and there would have been some delay before the shutter engaged.

I finished with the live nativity and then Wally and I went to a pottery firing.  Not a whole lot image worthy there because it was dark and the doors to the kiln were only opened when the temperature dropped below 1,750 degrees.



I look forward to using the new camera (called Norman 2) more soon – hopefully today – but much of today may be spent writing and writing and writing and editing ballet pictures that I took earlier in the day with Norman 1. That caused me fits – the lighting was so bad in the dance studio that I could not see if the images were in focus or not in the LCD screen. They were and came out better than I expected they would, but it was still horrible and I had a headache when I left.

Norman is now for sale on eBay and that’s a really sad thing.  I’ve done a lot with him and he’s been amazing. Now that I have used Norman 2, even just that little bit, I can see how old the technology was that I was using.  Under normal conditions, the D90 is a perfectly usable and good camera, but when the lighting conditions get difficult, that’s when new technology makes a difference.  I was not at the point that I could appreciate the new technology until now.  I hope whomever buys Norman will take good care of him and appreciates him as much as I did. Eventually I’ll upgrade Nelson as well, but not for a while yet.

Until later …