And so …

The holidays are almost here.  I’ve been doing a lot of stories on holiday tree lightings, Santa Claus sightings, live nativities, gift giveaways to needy people, etc., etc. and the past few days have been spent typing Santa letters from local school children. Maybe these are just wishes, but I cannot believe second and third grade students are getting iPhone 6s cellphones, but maybe I’m wrong.  Here I am 55 years old and I am still using an iPhone 4 that, to my knowledge, Apple doesn’t even do software updates for. The prices on iPhones is ridiculous.

It feels like Christmas should be this weekend, but there’s another week to go through. On Sunday Wally and I considered getting a Christmas tree, but decided against it. It’s a bit crazy to have a Christmas tree in a house with two Border Collies and cats. We thought about getting a live tree that could be replanted to put on the front porch, but wrestling a heavy tree in and out of the porch just didn’t seem like a good idea – too much effort.

The weather has been crazy! Yesterday we hit a record high for the day.  I believe it got up to 75 degrees. Way too warm for the middle of December.  That’s going to change, at least for a few days come this weekend and then we go into a rainy period.

I did not work at all last weekend which was a good thing.  I should have got some things done, but I just laid around and rested. I made a batch of potato salad and chicken salad that we ate on for a few days like it was summertime again, but this morning, I fed both to the dogs.  I want cold weather comfort food now. I want pasta and macaroni and cheese and sweet potatoes and chicken pot pie. I am salad-ed-out.

I want to take some time to do photography for myself … maybe this weekend. All I’ve done lately with the new camera is photograph under crazy lighting conditions.

Yesterday, the CVCC Photographic Technology students had a portfolio show.  I almost went to see it, but by the time 5:30 rolled around and I was still at work, I decided I’d just go home. It likely would not have been a happy reunion. I need to look into a partial brain lobotomy to remove that portion of my memories so they do not haunt me. I should have just gone and faced them. Too late now.

I need a project. Come the first of the year I am going to sell a weekly column to the editor of the paper so that I can have a place where I can focus on things I am interested in. I’ve been worrying a story over the past few days and could not understand why it has been occupying so much of my mind until I realized I had personal feelings about it.  I cannot put those feelings into the article.  I need to report the story and be done with it.

The night before last I woke up several times in the night thinking I made a mistake on a story.  I did not. I also dreamt I was living in a murderous cult like Helter Skelter.  Lovely. I’m afraid my brain is in over-drive.

Okay. I need to get out and get my few morning chores done, put up the dogs, take a shower, get to work and write that article that has been on my mind so I can put it away until the next one.

Until later …