Yet Another Christmas Bites the Dust

Another Christmas holiday done – pretty much the same way my Christmas holidays have been since Wally and I became a couple – we just enjoy the others’ company, rest, relax and eat good food.  It is simple.  Throughout the year if we need something, if it is in the budget, we get it.  No sense in joining in the buying frenzy, purchasing wrapping paper that was made in some manufacturing plant in China only to throw it away and risk it not being the exact thing the other person wanted.

We give the gift of our companionship.  I made a bunch of really good meals over the past few days.  We ate out a few times. It’s all good and we are not paying for it throughout the year on interest.

Wally was off work all last week which meant I got a break – I did not have to get up at 5 a.m. and he did the chores in the morning.  This morning we are back to the regular routine but only for three days because Wally is off Thursday and Friday.

It has been raining off and on for over a week.  We saw some sun over the weekend which was nice but it’s damp, and warm and humid.  I am sitting here in short sleeves and sweating.  I’ll be going out to do chores in a few minutes in short sleeves but the cold is coming – with a vengeance the end of the week.  This up and down weather pattern is hard to adjust to.  For the past few days we’ve had the screen door open as well as the front porch door.  Crazy in December.  Towards the end of the week though, we’ll be going into the high twenties overnight. At least the rain is going to stop for a while.  It’s soggy out there.

The one thing that is different this holiday is that I have been involved in more seasonal activities due to my job which has been fun.  It’s sort of got me into the holiday spirit – more so that I may have been.  Wally and I considered putting up a tree, but we never got around to it.

It looks like we are going to go ahead and offer Yoda, my Toyota truck for sale.  It has been sitting in the yard since I got Ernie the Element. Wally is driving Yoda to work today and will get him cleaned up and then we will take pictures and put him on Craigslist.  We will put the money in the bank in case we need it for a repair to Ernie or Wally’s truck, but eventually we will get a newer truck for Wally to drive. Ernie has been a wonderful investment. He’s so much more comfortable to drive and a whole lot easier to get camera equipment in and out of.

The rabbits are doing okay.  I’ve got one litter that is off.  I am close to culling most, if not all of the litter because they are not thriving.  We got some not-so-great hay and that may be the cause or it may be the wet weather. I’ve got three large litters that need to go out but I think I may leave them up a while longer and let it drive off some.  We are supposed to have a wet winter so I may have problems all winter. We will see. Of course now that I have rabbits available, no one is contacting me for them.  That could be due to it being around Christmas, but it also may be due to the fact that it is winter and people do not want to fool with caring for animals in the winter.  Hate to tell them that once they have them they are going to have to take care of them no matter what the weather – or maybe they have some animal care fairy that cares for them in bad weather.  Hard to say.

Yes, I am jaded on the farming scene. I drive by where I used to deliver milk quite frequently and every time I drive by and am thankful that I am no longer doing that. I may simply cut down the rabbit population to just what Wally and I can use and forget selling them to other people. I am blessed to have a job that I love that pays me a regular salary and no longer have to depend on the whims of other people. For the most part they are happy to have me tell their stories. For the most part they like the stories I tell. I like writing and photography. How much better can it get – not much.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and am quite cranky – can you tell?

Until later …