We got spoiled!

With the warm weather I mean.  It’s now very cold – going to get colder tomorrow and the extended forecasts that I’ve seen call for even more cold.  It’s no surprise, it is winter. I guess I just got used to doing chores in short sleeves.

Today I embark on what I hope will be a successful documentary project.  At one time Catawba County was known for their dairies, in particular their Jersey dairies. Today, to my knowledge, there are no Jersey dairies in Catawba County. There are only two and a half dairies in Catawba County, both with predominately (if not 100 percent) Holsteins and, as I am told, one starting up. There are currently, to my knowledge, two Jersey dairies in Lincoln County.  Piedmont Dairy is just over the Catawba County border and the one where I got my former Jersey cows from. I will be going there to interview them this afternoon and hopefully getting permission to come back and take both still and video images for my project.

The Catawba County seal is divided into four parts, one contains a Jersey because, at one time, farming was an important part of the culture in Catawba County.  That is not so much the case anymore.

Now, the problem: I need to brush up on my video skills and practice with my new camera as it is very different from the D90 in so many ways.

On Friday, Wally and I went to Lake Norman Marina to document a barefoot skiing competition.  It was really, really fun and I took over 500 images. I culled about 400 of them and now have over 100 I need to go through and either cull or further edit and I need to write the story.  This will be a piece that goes into the weekly Outlook Magazine. I have another piece for next week’s issue so I have a couple of weeks to work on the dairy piece which will also go in the Outlook Magazine. I want it as close to perfect as it can get before putting it in.

There was another project I was going to work on before getting hired at the Newspaper that got dropped that I need to pick up again one day.  That was to update the Raising Cats Naturally website and to start selling raw rabbit for cats through it.  The problem with that is that we’ve cut down so much on the rabbits and, at least for the past few months, I was selling more live rabbits than keeping them until they are butcher-size. As I indicated in my last post, I did have to put down the last litter that I had that was growing out because they were not thriving.  I now have three good-sized litters that are outside and hopefully they’ll be okay.  Before it rains again (Friday and Saturday) I hope that we can get heavier, more waterproof tarps on the pens so that they stay drier.  The cold weather will help with their future health.  I think the combination of the wet and warm weather was what did the last batch in. Their mother had another litter since then, only three were born alive and only one is still alive.  It is currently fostered on another doe.  She is now on the cull list.  I’ll breed her again in February and if she has another not-so-good litter, she’ll be culled.  I simply do keep rabbits that do not do well.

I guess I had better get out to do the chores and then get ready for work.  I need to get in early and get the Barefoot Skiing story written as well as the other stories that will need to go in tomorrow’s paper.

Until later …