So …

This has been the week of repairing burned bridges and recognizing that while people may have hurt my feelings or disappointed me or whatever, I need to just go on. Two bridges are repaired, one I tried but it appears it is not going to happen. At least I tried and now I just need to shut the door and go on.  I know in my heart that shutting a door always opens a new one.

Today Wally has to work which sucks. I’m going to work today too and that does not suck.  I have a telephone interview at 8:30 and then one at 10.  After that I am going to head to the Main Library in Newton and do research on my documentary project.  Then I’ll probably make a stop at a grocery store to pick up the few things that we need and then I am going to go to the Jersey dairy to take more images and to take some time with my new cameras to learn to use them.

I received the D750 on Wednesday and I’ve used it twice, both times in very difficult lighting conditions. I am looking forward to using it under more controlled, more pleasant light. I was supposed to go to do a photo shoot Friday afternoon, but we postponed it to Tuesday due to weather.  It was pouring and cold yesterday afternoon and evening so I was glad to get home.  There’s a chance of snow showers tomorrow morning.  Lovely.

Monday Wally goes to the doctor.  He’s been having some breathing issues.  He’s going to see my doctor who is one of the few doctors left who do not prescribe drugs just to mask symptoms.  I am not saying she does not prescribe drugs – she does, but she’s judicious about it.  After he’s through with the doctor we are going to go to Sipes Orchard Home in Hickory so I can take images of a man I interviewed earlier this week who was a resident of Sipes when it was an orphanage.  I found this man while doing research for my documentary and he will still be instrumental in that project.

I do not know if I’ve detained what my project is.  If I did and you are reading this twice, I am sorry.  I am researching the history of the dairy industry in Catawba County.  There is a Jersey cow on one portion of the seal of Catawba County.  At one time, Catawba County was known for their dairy industry, in particular their Jersey cattle.  Today, there are only two and a half (maybe three in a half soon) dairies left in Catawba County and none are Jersey dairies.  There are still two Jersey dairies in Lincoln County and a few others scattered around, but most dairies in this area have Holsteins.

While I guess I can’t call myself a farmer any more — but really, does one actually need to be actively engaged in the act to call oneself a farmer or is it a mindset? I am going to hold firm to the belief that it is a mindset – I am still a farmer in spirit and mindset. I no longer sell my products to individuals (even though I’m getting more calls for products than I ever did when I had them – a simple of case of they only want what you don’t have) I still care passionately about small farms and the people that run them. I will continue to buy products from small farmers – doing much gardening this year is probably not going to happen.  I hope to get my raised beds in shape to plant in this year and work with them, but the main garden that we put so much work into will probably just go back to the goats or I’ll try to get some seeds sown in there so I can scythe it for the rabbits.  I’d love to get the ducks in there, but we’d need to rework the fencing for that. Our hope this summer is to get the second pasture fenced and I may try to convince Wally to do it in sheep and goat wire so we can put the ducks in there.  We will not get as many eggs but since we are only using the eggs for ourselves it really doesn’t matter.

At least today I get to see my animals in the light today.  Most of the week, I do not which pretty much sucks, but it’s only temporary. When the days get longer, I’ll have more light in the day. Doing AM chores in the cold and dark sucks. Heck I may not even milk the goats this year.  If they both have two or more babies, I’ll just let them feed their babies and buy Jersey milk.  I prefer that to goats’ milk – but I will make some cheese from the goat milk – after I use up all that’s in the freezer.

Just gave Gel a bath in Murphy’s Oil soap.  While I have not seen fleas, he’s been scratching like crazy (so has Jack) so I decided to go ahead and put him in the tub and wash him.  He was not happy about that.  I have on order from Amazon diatomaceous earth to sprinkle on them, the cats and the environment.  I cannot recall ever having fleas on dogs or cats before so I attribute it to the super dry summer and perhaps there were already fleas in the environment.  Hard to say.  No chemicals here though. It was tempting …

Until later …