Still here

There’s been no problem with keeping my writing muscles going or, as of seven days ago, my photography muscles.  We finally finished a special edition paper that we’ve been working on for the past three months – Profile.  The past month or so has been hell. I am normally required to provide two stories a day for the paper – that may see easy but often it is not. Yesterday, technically, I did three because I wrote two stories for the regular paper and one for Outlook.  I need to start posting the stories, especially the Outlook ones because I am particularly proud of them.

On the 365 Day Photo Challenge, here are a few – I’m just loading the ones that are on my desktop, some are on my laptop and I’ll upload them later.

Day Two:365-2 365-2+2 365-2+3 365-2+4


Day Three:






Day Six:365-6-1 365-6-2 365-6-3 365-6-4 365-6-5 365-6-6


Like I said above, the past month or so has been really, really rough.  I have seriously considered my chosen career path, but I honestly feel like it is where I should be. No job is going to be all good days and I feel like I am better off here than I ever have been.  My pocketbook is not so happy, but it will be alright.  I’m now used to living minimal funds.

We had a tragedy over the weekend.  Myrtle, one of our Saanen does kidded Thursday night.  By Friday afternoon we realized she was not doing well so we called the vet and got medicine for her.  Got more medicine Saturday and Sunday. She died Sunday night. I do not know if there were issues there from previous year’s kidding or not. I do know she had issues last year so maybe there was a preexisting condition. It was still tragic.  She had two buck kids and they are now in a good home where they are temporarily in the house getting fed every two hours – a bit excessive, but whatever. We still have her daughter, Rose and her two kids (a buck and a doe).  We will keep the doe and breed her this fall along with Rose.

The weather has been crazy.  Hot, cold, hot, cold, hot cold. The time change sucked — I hate doing chores in the morning in the dark.

If all goes well, I’ll work a half a day on Friday.  Wally is off Friday so we won’t have to get up so early Friday.  On Saturday we are going to a pottery show (I am covering it for work). Now that Profile is done it should be free sailing for a while.

Until later …