If I had a lot of money …

I’d quit the job I have and get some education on how to farm properly — I’d probably take a good permaculture course because I do not agree with conventional methods of farming even so-called organic, sustainable methods.  I’d then put that money into the farm that we have now (no need to move or buy more land, we have enough here). I’d buy fencing, equipment, hire some help and pay them a living wage.

Then I’d make my products so good (and legal) and force people to come here to get it — remember the products would be so good that people would want to come and get it.  They’d have to come on a schedule mind you, this is not Walmart. I would not bring it to them – they can drive to go to Walmart, they can drive here. Last I checked Walmart does not deliver yet people go there – oh I forgot – they go there because everything is cheap so they don’t have to pay a lot of money for their food and other things and can spend their money on new cars and the latest iPhone.

It is a source of never-ending disgust to me that people have let go of simple ways. That things are so complicated now. That we have two men all but showing their penises in public in an effort to say they would make a better president than the other. It’s all so crazy and disgusting.

Then I’d continue with my documentary photography – you know – the projects I talk about starting but never have the time or energy to. I’d cover the stories I want to cover – the ones that I feel are important. In addition to farming education I’d continue my education in photography and storytelling.

If I had a lot of money …

But I don’t have a lot of money and likely will never have a lot of money but I miss the farming. As it is getting warmer I miss digging in the dirt.  I could still make time to dig in the dirt but lately I’ve been so tired.  I’m still recovering from the special edition paper, Profile.  I worked last Saturday and Sunday Wally and I spent cleaning the house and had company. It feels like I do not have any time any more.

Then I think about all the back-breaking work I did last year getting that garden ready.  All the rows I dug and trenched by hand only to lose everything to drought and bugs. I am honestly afraid to put anything in the ground now for fear of drought and bugs. The bugs were like a plague here — I’ve never seen so many bugs.

I could still do what I want to do without worrying about money but that does not pay the bills does it? I’m tired and agitated and have put on weight and feel like crap. I worked my butt off when I ran the farm for virtually nothing but at least a felt healthy.  I’m still working my butt off now for little more than nothing yet I do not think my health is as good because I have become more sedate. I still love my job at the paper, at least most of the time.  I have a lot of freedom and meet a lot of neat people.

Would having a lot of money make a difference? If nothing else it would eliminate a lot of worry about money.

I guess I am just getting old or something …

Still doing the 365 Day Photo Challenge.


365-9-1 365-10-1 365-11

Until later …