History and the old ways

I wonder why it is that I have the desire to return to the old ways – to a simpler way of life. Things are so complicated these days.  There are things in the modern world that I’d have a hard time letting go of – the Internet is one of them but sometimes I’d like to move to the top of a mountain and live out the rest of my days in quiet solitude.

This weekend I covered a color run at a local elementary school.  A color run is nothing more than a fun run after which the participants throw colored corn starch at each other.  It was cold and windy during this race so all and all it was not a pleasant experience. I also covered a steam locomotive, the Norfolk & Western Class J 611 that came through Newton on its way to Asheville. It was an incredible experience. I wish I could have seen more of it. Like so many of the old ways, steam engines are no longer in use.  Now this beautiful train is nothing more than a show piece.  I am glad it was restored but the general public no longer has an appreciation for what this train once did as well as what the people that ran it did. This is not even factoring in the coal miners who provided the coal to run her.

Wally and I got to where we were going to see the train come through at around 8:20 in the morning.  She did not come through until about 10. Except for one family we were the only ones on that section of track.  I saw through videos that more people were out to see it further up the route and then a lot more when she came back through.  I guess the word got out. We were going to go back to see her come back through Newton but she was delayed and it got too late and too dark to go back.

I know Wally and I are not prepared should there ever be an apocalypse. We are more prepared than most but we’d still struggle. I so wish people would appreciate things more. I shutter to think of the waste that goes on on a daily basis.  The people that go hungry while others throw things away.  The people that work so hard to prepare the food that people throw away. The animals that suffered so that people can throw away the pieces that are not attractive to them. It’s all so sad and discouraging.

Last weekend Wally and I worked in the garden.  It’s about ready to plant in.  Glad we did not plant in it though as it got well below freezing Sunday morning. From the forecast it looks like it’s going to be okay from now on. I wasn’t going to do the garden this year.  After last year’s drought and bugs I didn’t want to put the effort into it but I can’t not do it. But I can’t not do it. I do not want to rely on other people to provide our food because for the most part I do not trust them. The things I’ve seen behind the scenes …

I need to get my butt in gear and get going with documentary stories. I talk about it yet I don’t do it. I’ve got good subjects to follow and document. This morning I reached out to one and hopefully that will come to fruition. I also reached out to two different organizations about possibly doing some work for them.  Both were receptive.  Unfortunately it will not pay anything but it will get my name out there. I need to start establishing myself in this field.

The boss is probably not going to be happy with me but I am going to tell him I am going to work remotely today. I’ve got people to interview and events to cover so I will provide him with stories for the paper.  Plus I covered two events this weekend.

I need a break … when I was laid off in October of 2008 I went until October of 2015 without working a true full-time job with a regular schedule. I think I do not give myself enough credit for the adjustment this has been.  The work is getting a whole lot easier and it will continue to get easier but there’s still a lot more learning to do.

Until later …