Poor Gel

Those goats knock the crap out of him sometimes.  He stands his ground and doesn’t back down when they charge him and most of the time, they turn off before hitting him, but there are times he gets nailed.  It is only when they actually connect that he uses his teeth.  You’d think they’d learn, but it seems dairy goats have one track minds.  Either that or short memories.

I was tying the three goats who were not being milked while I had the one I was milking in the stand.  This worked okay, but if Rain was tied out, she spent the time screaming bloody murder because I left her.  She would tip over her bucket of grain, thus wasting it, pull on her line which would ultimately loosen the fence post I had her tied to.  As it is, they are well on their way to ruining the fence.  I’m probably going to have to run hot wire along the front of the fenced-in area to keep them off the fence.

Last night I decided to try something else.  I put panels in front of the dog run where I have my milking stand set up which is in the same dog run where I park my ATV.  I put grain in the bucket in front of the stand and then divide the rest of the grain into three containers on the ground in front of the dog run.  I am still milking Dawn first and it seems her kicking has abated.  I haven’t hobbled her for the past three times I’ve milked her.  Keeping fingers crossed on that.  Rain can see me while I’m milking Dawn which for the most part cuts down on her screaming.

I wonder if you can de-ba a goat?

It would all work well if the goats didn’t try to push the panels aside to get into the run.  Rain starts trying almost immediately, Esmeralda and Sunshine when they consume all of the food in the outside containers.  Here’s where Gel helps out.  I get him to guard the entryway and keep the goats from trying to get in.  Esmeralda and Sunshine have some respect for Gel and don’t test him much.  Rain is hell bent on getting in there.  It isn’t the grain she’s after, it’s me.  I suppose I should be honored I have a goat who is so in love with me, but it’s irritating as all heck.

This morning she charged Gel and pushed him into the run that is adjoining where I milk.  He bit her and she backed off and stayed off until it was time for her to come in.  I am wondering if the milk is worth the trouble.

It is …

This Saturday I work 7 to 4 and Sunday 9 to 6.  It’s going to be rough milking these two mornings because it’s supposed to be in the low 20’s.  I need to remember to put a light on the pump to keep it from freezing.  The 20’s is way too cold for this time of year.  They have me scheduled to come in at 4:45 AM the Friday after Thanksgiving.  That is going to suck given that I’ll need to transport the goats and sheep up to Red’s house because it is opening day for the Christmas Tree Farm.  Every year that I’ve had livestock I bring them up there to be part of the petting zoo.

I ended up not going out yesterday.  I figured since I was going out today to see Twilight at noon, I might as well do my errands today and save a trip.  I finished the lasagna (it came out wonderful!) and made some ricotta, Parmesan and garlic bread in my bread machine (excellent!).  Supper was very tasty.  I really love to cook and while I was working full-time, I had little time to indulge this love.  I have my shopping list for Thanksgiving dinner in the works.  I have cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner for myself (well, not really just for me, the cats and dogs get their share of turkey) for many, many years now.  I always get invites, but I always decline.  I love spending the entire day cooking.  I love lazing around watching the parades.